Creationism Versus Evolution Essay

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Creationism versus Evolution
3. Introduction
3.1. Definitions
3.5. Variants of Creationism
3.7. Evolution investigation
4. Historical oppositions
4.2. Debates
4.5. Conclusion
5. Appendix
6. Work Cited

Creationism and evolution, born through historical significance which continues throughout time in a clash between the two and their followers, such conflict has led people to debate and prohibit the teachings of each other. Evolution suffers this anti-teaching law in many religious cultures and schools, while creationism seems to come in various forms that some variants may accept evolution itself in its teachings.

A creationism believers will think that every bit of existence, and the universe itself; it is creation out of nothing by God’s will, into the reality it is, as we see it, (Merriam). Biblical lore followers of creationism believe that the story of God's six-days of creation of the universe told in Genesis is contextually legitimate, (Merriam). Scientific creationism may typically believe that a creator figure; similar to a God or Goddess; happened to make all that exists, although, there are many who may not hold the Genesis story as an actual record of history, (Merriam). The motive of creationism is to resurrect the interest among conservative religious groups that usually oppose the belief of biological evolution so they can mix within society as it branches its ethics and beliefs of life and the theories of how it all started, (Merriam). Evolution was first systematically described by Charles Darwin in eighteen-fifty-nine based on his findings and research on his expedition traveling to various locations around the world, (Merriam).

Variants of creationism
Evolution and creationism are hotly debated topics, specifically on various types of creationism; which is protestant versions of creationism, (Austin Cline). Scientific creationism involves its own interpretation of the Bible, Torah, and many other forms of religious scriptures that are incompatible with species expansion. As for science and history, fundamentalists attempt to harmonize a unity between nature investigations in the field of science and religion, (Austin Cline). Another form of creationism is known as Flat Earth believers conclude that the Earth has a flat terrain than relatively a sphere and a dome for a sky which holds back the waters which once concealed the Earth in water from the story Noah’s Flood, (Austin Cline). Young Earth Creationists consist of conservatives who follow the bible literally, in comparison to other forms of creationism, (Austin Cline). It’s scarce for creationist to go against evolution; it would be obscure to not consider the historical and scientific evidence, (Austin Cline). Special creationism consent to the belief of an “old earth,” They turn down a completely literal judgment of Genesis, but not deserting its overhaul text, they...

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