Creationism Vs. Darwinism Research Paper

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Research ReportThe respective theories of Creation and Darwinism are two very different ideas of how life began on earth. There are three main types of beliefs about this subject and they are given below:Atheistic Evolution- The earth was created billions of years ago without the guidance of God and Evolution has been taking place ever since.Theistic Evolution- God created the first matter and then directed Evolution to take place. Evolution is thus considered to be part of the means of Creation used by God. Special Creation- There is only one God-the Divine Trinity-the infinite First Cause who created all that exists, including space, time, and matter.We as Christians believe in Special Creation or Theistic Evolution, but there are a few different ideas that are floating around and competing for existence in Christianity:God created the earth billions of years ago and used evolution and/or divine intervention in the creation of life forms and subsequent changes beyond kind.God created space, time and matter only about six thousand years ago and specially created each kind of life form in fairly rapid succession, and He set genetic variation into operation to allow subsequent changes within kind.God created the Universe billions of years ago and much later specially created each kind of life form with repeated divine intervention, at great intervals of time apart, and set genetic variation into operation to allow subsequent changes within kind.None of these theories can be proven true, but there is some information that contradicts Darwinism and that the earth is billions of years old. Comets travel around the Sun and are believed to be the same age as the solar system. Each time a comet orbits, it loses a certain amount of its mass through gravitational forces, tail formation, meteor stream production, and radioactive forces. If the universe is billions of years old, then these comets would have traveled so many thousands of times around the Sun and lost a huge amount of mass. Considering the size of the comets today, their loss of mass per orbit, their original size would have to that of several times the Sun's, in which case, the Sun would have to orbiting around the comets! Therefor, the existence of hundreds of comets in our solar system suggests a youthful solar system.Opponents of Darwinism make the following claims and not one has been successfully untrue:The fossil record does not support evolution. "Survival of the Fittest" is redundancy. (how do we know that the fittest specious survived? Because they survived.)There is no evidence of a common ancestor of all life on Evolution is not "falsifiable." A theory that can not be proved wrong is not a theory. As intelligent designers like to say, a theory that explains everything explains nothing.According to Darwinism, single-celled organisms eventually evolved into the first invertebrates. But invertebrate fossils appear suddenly in the fossil record with no visible ancestors--in the...

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