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Creative Essay

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This recreative writing piece has been inserted at the end of ‘A Farewell to Arms’ where the last line reads, “After a while I went out and left the hospital and walked back to the hotel in the rain”. I have chosen to continue writing after the end of the novel to show the impact that Catherines death has had on Frederic Henry. Despite Frederic appearing to be in control, it is clear that her death has affected him, leaving him extremely detached and isolated. I have kept my piece in a retrospective narrative like Hemingway. Though the use of past tense, a confessional narrative is established as Frederic is reliving the events through prose in an attempt to forget his past, suggested by the title. The use of a retrospective narrative also presents the idea that the narrative voice is following a pre planned story that the Frederic at the time is not in control of, creating a sense of inevitability and foreboding throughout the whole novel.

The writing is typical to Hemingway’s style and depicts Frederic as being lonely and isolated after Catherine, who is described as being “his other half” has died leaving him alone. I have shown this by using the motif of the rain, which is featured throughout the novel. This is an important motif as it is used in A Farewell To Arms to foreshadow Catherine’s impending future as she explains “sometimes I see me dead in it” .The effect of this is that whenever the rain is mentioned, the reader will be wary as Hemingway creates a clear link between death and rain even in the first Chapter of the book , “At The Start of the Winter came the permanent rain and with the rain came chlolera….in the end only seven thousdand died of it in the army”. I have continued to include the rain to show that the destructive nature of the war is still apparent even after Frederic has lost everything, emphasising the harshness of the world as it will eventually “break” Frederic too. As well as being used to foreshadow events, the rain is used as Pathetic Fallacy and by using it at the start and end of my recreative piece, a cyclical nature is established. This is also shown in the novel as the weather is often bleak when Frederic is away from Catherine, “It rained all night. You knew it rained down that rain… that my sweet Catherine down might rain”. This cyclical nature creates the idea that life is constantly dissapointing, at the start Frederic is alone and is emotionally detached and by the end, through the ominous destruction of the war and reality, he is forced to face the reality of life alone.

Throughout the novel, Hemingway uses different sentence structures to show us how in control Frederic is of his thoughts and emotions. The ending of Book Three displays this idea as on his way back from the front Frederic says “I was not made to think. I was made to eat. My God, yes”. This creates the idea that Frederic is using concrete details such as hunger to distract himself from his true emotions. I have included...

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