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Creative Assignment

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“Alex and Ani is a lifestyle brand dedicated to creating products of unparalleled quality and beauty that also promote consciousness and unity, Our design aesthetic underscores the idea that what is pure and natural is most beautiful, which supports how we create our products, all of which are handcrafted from recycled metals.” - Joseph Lezon (Chief Technology Officer of Alex and Ani)

Diversity and eco-friendly ideas have been a new innovative way of capturing consumers attention in the fashion industry. The current cult for a conscience mind towards creating an ecological environment and acceptance for a multifaceted array of people can encourage consumers to buy with the knowledge of knowing they are helping their community. Carolyn Rafealien, founder and creative director of Alex and Ani, a brand of fashion jewelry that creates many accessories but is most known for its bracelets ...view middle of the document...

Their customizable emblematic charms exude the spirit of charity making it more approachable to the public while raising awareness and funds for a better world. The proceeds that are donated to non-profit organizations work hard to improve the quality of lives on Earth. All items are manufactured in America and all the materials utilized are sustainable and derived from eco-friendly processes. I believe this is a brilliant and innovative idea when it comes to marketing, it gives those who were not conscience of charity and giving to others the peace of mind that their purchases are helping provide beneficial resources to those who are not as fortunate as them, while still holding a momentous meaning their personal lives. Alex and Ani designs products that have positive impacts on the world, community, and the minds and spirits of their consumers.

Created 10 years ago in 2004, Alex and Ani has already turned into a household lifestyle brand, going from its first store in Cranston, Rhode Island to having more than 40 locations nationwide and operates in 10 countries in Europe and 11 Caribbean islands. The brands open approach to extending a helping hand has been a successful marketing strategy selling over $230 million worth of charms just last year. Being able to cultivate a different meaning and feel for each product has provided a higher conversion rate and UPT, but it has also created a more intimate customer-employee experience during each visit. The Alex and Ani brand speaks to consumers across a wide variety of demographics, in all age groups and throughout all belief systems making their fashion jewelry brand more than successful through their ways of empowering the world to become more eco-conscience. Their way of appealing to each customer in a familiar way, whether it is by culture, astrological sign, sexual orientation, religion or spiritual beliefs, sorority, favorite sport, birthstone and many more, it has been more than rewarding for not only the company but the world and those who benefit from their charitable influences.

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