Creative Culture And Tourism University Of Tasmania Assignment

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Assessment Task 1 – Tourism, Creativity & Culture

Creativity can be defined as “a process of originating, transforming, or adapting ideas, artefacts, systems, a sector or domain, states of the world, or any other entity which is constructed as differing or deviating from what already exists in the context” (Burns T.R. 2015: 181). Runic and Jaeger (2012) explain that there are two key components to creativity; originality and effectiveness. Creativity is often determined by how it is perceived. For example, there is a large 18 storey apartment tower in St Kilda that I believe to be an eye sore in its placement. As reported by Nathan Johnson, the building was designed by Jackson Clements Burrows, and includes six tiers of different colours. It is not my taste, but someone else may look and think of it as creative genius. They may argue that it's contrast in style typical of the area justifies its creativity and placement as it provides discussion.

Culture can be defined as “the values, ceremonies and ways of life characteristic of a given group” (Giddens 2009:1115). The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), in their journal ‘The Impact of Culture on Tourism’, it states that culture and creative industries are increasingly being used for the promotion of tourist locations and hot spots, and helping them become more attractive and competitive in an ever growing market. Culture in tourism aims to provide tourists with what they are expecting to see. When culture is used for tourist consumption, there are dangers involved regarding respectfully experiencing the cultural tourist attraction. As tourists often do not have a deep connection to the culture they are experiencing, more needs to be done in order to educate tourists on ethical and respectful ways to view different attractions.

When we view or travel to cultural tourist locations, we ‘experience’ something. The word experience is used in tourist advertising campaigns to lure people into believing that they will feel changed after seeing the said product. Ooi (2005) explains that an individual’s experience is a result of that person’s background and lived experience, therefore they can vary person to person and are existential. What one can experience is something that can be manufactured to attract a particular customer. The way an individual perceives the product they are viewing will depend on how they experience it, be it good or bad.

By experiencing other cultures when travelling, we learn about the culture of the location and their rituals, but also about ourselves in our response. It is all about how we perceive what is being presented to us in a culturally creative way. We may agree with what is being presented, or disagree. On a trip to Tamworth, I was really geared up to see the ‘Golden Guitar’ because as a performer, it is part of our rich cultural music history. I was disappointed when arriving that is was nowhere near as grand as what I had...

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