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I used to think creative dramatics was a good way to differentiate instruction for those who learned better through movement and play. After researching and taking the course, I have recognized creative drama and child’s play as much more prominent in today’s curriculum. Creative dramatics can enhance the educational skills a child learns, such as literacy and language arts. It uses many multiple intelligences, it teaches many important skills, and it is also very easy to implement in the classroom and into common core.
According to an article regarding the use of drama and movement to enhance literacy development for English Language Learners, the authors state that kinesthetic activities help young learners to develop decoding skills, fluency, vocabulary, syntactic knowledge, and metacognitive thinking, as well as reading and writing skills, through these explorative activities such as those we find in drama (Rieg & Paquette, pp. 148-154). Language and literacy are one of the first things to develop in a child and are very important to learning and education. If a child can not read, write, or communicate, it makes learning very difficult for a child to learn. Teaching these skills not only through reading, writing, and talking, but also in child’s play and drama, will provide students who may have difficulties (such as ELL’s) to grasp concepts and relationships better. Creative can also enhance creative thinking and writing skills in the classroom (Rieg & Paquette, pp. 148-154). Creative thinking is vital in education and also in life after graduation. Therefore, creative dramatics is a great way to easily enhance the skills needed inside and outside of the classroom.
Creative play supports learning because it is able to incorporate a wide array of multiple intelligences. According to an article created by Erin K. Hulse, drama and theatre incorporates linguistic, logical reasoning, spatial, bodily-kinesthetic, interpersonal, intrapersonal, and naturalistic intelligences through the various activities involved in creative drama and theatre (Hulse). During the process of creative drama and play experiences, children may improvise, read and write scripts, perform, develop characters and scenes, direct plays, create the stage, costumes, and props, and move throughout the dramatic activity. These activities engage and enhance each of the intelligences mentioned above. This is important because each student can find strengths and build confidence through exploration. Whether a child is writing the script, creating costumes, or performing for an audience, each child can find a role and purpose in the activity and take responsibility for their own role.
Along with children finding their role and taking responsibility, creative dramatics in education can teach many other useful skills as acknowledged in an article from the “Faculty of Education” at a university in London. They mention creative drama’s ability to instruct students to think about...

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