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Creative Essay

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Beautiful summer scenery. A road as far as the eye can see, leading to.. well who knows where. Right now all I see is the white line that separates each side. One minute it’s a dotted line, next it’s a solid line. The lines remind me of myself. The dotted line reminds me of the side I don’t like, scared and doubtful. The solid line reminds me of who I’d like to be all the time, bold and not scared of anything. The lines in general reminds me of myself. Timid yet confident. Scared yet brave.
The road has its own story as well, you and travel on the right or the left. Those who travel on the left are the daredevils, they know what they’re doing is dangerous, but they proceed on. Occasionally ...view middle of the document...

So I should admire the beauty of nature. The cool summer breeze. At least it’s not too hot. The electric green trees are making the perfect canopy over the road so that I’m not getting sun burnt. That’s a good thing. They way the sun is shining through the trees. It makes me imagine that it is probably really similar to light that shown when Jesus was born. That’s what I think of everytime I see light shining through a window or the clouds. And now it’s shining through the millions of branches in my own personal canopy. I just think, there’s Jesus. I know he has a plan for me. I can feel it. That’s why I left. This light must mean I’m on the right path, right?
There isn't much else to look at. There’s the occasional dandelion. Or the not so occasional squirrel running across the street. Or the very rare car that swerves around me. I’ve started playing this game with myself. I’m trying to memorize the license plates of all the cars that pass. Not the numbers exactly, but just where they are from. I’m trying to get an idea of what's ahead. The kind of people will meet there. Will it be a tourist place, like a beach where tons of new faces are always coming around? Or will it be a small town, where everyone knows one another? I hope that it’s even more beautiful than this place.
I feel like I've been walking for years. But I don’t want to stop yet. I just want to get there. Wherever there is. I really think that I see something way in the distance. It’s too far away still. So I’ll just keep walking. Oh! There’s...

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