Creative Narrative Entitled: "Birthday Surprise" Essay

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The hours neared towards my very special day. I was nestled deep in comfort and warmth as I awaited the ear drumming beeps of my alarm clock. I turned to look at the digital clock and its luminous numbers covered by a thin layer of glass; it was 11:00p.m. It had only been a few hours since the drowsiness had overwhelmed me, like being pulled into a deep well. Soon the heaviness of my head brought me back down to rest upon the soft, silky smooth pillow. I awoke to my alarm clock and swiftly moved my hand towards the rectangular box and halted so that my hand hovered over the protruding button and brought my hand down hard upon the cold plastic and the beeping ceased. I rose from my mattress and drew back the coarsely textured curtains to reveal the searing sun beaming at me, like a blinding light,lightening up the world to bring forth a wonderful and happy day with children playing joyfully on the rusted swings in the park. It was almost picturesque. There was not even a cloud in the sky, although I did feel obliged to go over to those happy children and warn them of the safety issues.It was my thirteenth birthday today. I was becoming a teenager, the adolescent that I had been dreaming of becoming, there was going to be a whole new set of rules. Yet the day would unfold not as I had either intended or expected. I went to the door and gripped the rounded door knob firmly twisting it with ease, slowly tensing my muscles and pulling it open and then releasing the door with a flick of the wrist so that it moved back to a standstill position completely shut. I knew my mother would be awaiting my arrival in the kitchen any moment as my alarm is loud and you can nearly hear it from everywhere in the house. She would have been up for a few hours labouring away in the sauna like kitchen preparing a feast almost fit for a king. I pondered at the hours ahead. Although at around twelve o’clock I was departing to my fathers taking the form of public transport known as a bus. But before I was going I was expected at my relative’s house. I was going to be like a debt collector acquiring presents from each person. I strolled into the dining room lightly and casually where a banquet awaited. I ate hurriedly as I was keen to open my gifts; I was content as a child on Christmas day (not one with coal in their stockings).After breakfast I went to the dusty old black Cadillac my mother had excitingly bought at an auction for a stunningly cheap $1,500 even though some upholstery needed...

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