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Creative Project Paper

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The bee is a fascinating creature that has sparked my interest since I was a little kid. Like I discussed in my story, bees played a big role in my childhood. The two primary types of bees that I remember from my childhood are the bumblebee and the honeybee. With all the plants and flowers in my yard, these two types of bees were sprinkled throughout my yard feeding and pollinating. To provide background for my story, I am going to discuss the bumblebee and honeybee, as well as Africanized bees and what it means to have an allergic reaction to a bee sting.
The first thing I am going to talk about is the traditional bumblebee. When I think of bees, the bumblebee is what pops into my head. ...view middle of the document...

The Bombus impatiens has a yellow thorax along with the first abdominal segment and the rest of the abdomen is black with a black tail (Colla, Richardson, Williams. 2011).
Like bumblebees, honeybees are eusocial and are divided into castes of male drones, female workers, and a queen. The common western honeybee is referred to as Apis mellifera (L). Honeybees provide pollination for crops, orchards and flowers; honey and wax for cosmetics, and food supply (Horn 2008). Honeybees will nest in hollow trees, so it is not uncommon that they would nest in a birdhouse since it is very similar to a hollow tree. Honeybees generally attack to defend their colony, so when my dad cut down their nest and my friend threw a football at their nest, it was natural for them to attack. Common sources of attack stimulus for honeybees include alarm pheromone, vibrations, carbon dioxide, hair, and dark colors (Crane 1990). This makes sense because mammals, which are common predators of bees, are usually hairy, dark colored, and exhale carbon dioxide (Voeller, Nieh 2005).
The African honeybee, Apis mellifera scutellata (L), is a subspecies of the western honeybee. The African honeybee has the nickname killer bee, which is what my brother told me to scare me. The venom from an Africanized honeybee is not more dangerous than that of a normal honeybee, it is that the African bees are more aggressive and will send more bees to sting you (Voeller, Nieh 2005). The second time I got stung by a honeybee, it was after my friend threw a football at their nest and a bee flew in my mouth and stung me in my cheek. I thought I had an allergic reaction because my cheek swelled up to...

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