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Creative Thinking Argumentative Essay Ap Lang Essay

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Jemima Korbel
AP Lang -- Per 3
January 13, 2017
“Creative Thinking in Schools” - Argumentative Essay
Dear School Board,
Creativity is the potential to surpass the traditional norms of society and compose new ideas and unique beliefs. Schools today are extremely fast paced and students are rarely taught to think for themselves and develop their own opinions. Creativity should be taught as its own class in this school because it teaches new problem solving methods, provides ways of expression, and expands students’ intelligence to empathize with others.
Problem solving manipulates everything from what you say to where you live and what you wear, making it necessary to have good problem solving skills. A common problem students are being faced with today are the immense amount of standardized tests and the pressure to succeed on them. By creating a creative thinking class students will be able to take a different approach when confronted with a challenging question. Immense environmental, economic and social issues are taking place that cannot be solved by a math problem, problems which need to be addressed by creative innovations discovered through creative thinking. As future generations continue to lack creativity, global warming, as well as many other issues, will continue to add to the consequences addressed by Po Bronson and Ashley Merryman in “The Creativity Crisis.”
As society becomes more materialistic and judgmental, many struggle to express how they really feel and who they are. Self expression is very important because when...

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