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Creative Work Statement Essay

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For the last ten years, I’ve been seeking the answers to metaphysical questions through murals, photography, and sculpture. During my undergraduate program, I started my armor series that investigated psychological defenses and discovered that two opposing forces cannot exist alone and must co-exist in order to create nirvana. This discovery was reinforced after my trip to Laos where I learned more about Buddhism and its focus on spiritual balance. All things contain positive and negative properties. Whether applied to objects or ideas, increased polarity two parties will lead to a breaking point.
With regards to our current socio-political issues, I’ve noticed Individualism is championed in the West and Collectivism is in the East. In the United States we are able to observe both. Individualism is our banner, but entering the 21st century, we’ve become less tolerant of each other’s individual rights. The collectivists have lost faith in the individual’s ability to self-govern resulting in individualists believing the collectivist’s “safety nets” are deterrents to independence. Both party’s increased ideological defenses have led to tenacious gridlock. Fortunately, the observation of this phenomenon has been noticed and there is a greater portion of centrists emerging. As much of a headache as politics are, they have a strong relationship with the arts. My graffiti roots had me rallying behind anarchy but, as I’ve been expressing, extremism leads to fragmentation. To return towards balance we need to be tolerant of all possibilities and ideas.
I discovered the power of ideas while studying the modern artists. They changed societal norms by challenging their audiences to think. Seurat propelled science with pointillism. Gauguin dared us to question reality with symbolism. Duchamp expanded art with ready-mades. While in Laos, I had a spiritual connection with Buddhist philosophy. My eastern roots, western upbringing,...

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