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Disneyland ParisIt was time to find out if everything that I had heard about Disneyland Paris was true. Time would tell if this was truly the ultimate day out in Europe. An obstacle to a supremely fun day out could be spoilt by bad weather. As we motored towards the signs to the Theme Park I made my own assessment of the weather. The weather looked a bit unsettled, threatening rain, but it was pleasantly warm. I decided that this was pleasant enough weather given that this was mid April. For the time of year almost perfect conditions for a family visit to this amazingly high-rated theme park. The TV advertisements promised a perfect day out and thrills galore. The whole place looked so spectacular in the advertisements, we just could not resist a visit.We had decided to take a coach from central Paris. The coach was huge, it held a good number of people but still plenty of space to spread out . Vacant seats were dotted about intermittently inside giving one the scope to spread out. I was lucky, my back pack was alongside me on a vacant seat, alongside my CD player. This was a journey to enjoy. No cramming the passengers in like sardines. Everyone got a seat, there was plenty of leg room and air.conditioning kept us all cool. Our driver for the day was Andre , his identity being conspicuous by virtue of an extra large Disney name badge pinned to his shirt. In our luxury coach we scythed through the traffic on the autoroute, and in no time at all arrived at our destination.I knew at once that we had arrived. Colorful flags adorned the top of a very high walled entrance. It looked like a castle with the entrance resembling a port cullis. It was a sight that made me feel the excitement of the occasion. My little brother's elation was more obvious, as he bounced up and down in his seat as if he was suspended by elastic. He was buzzing with excitement. As the coach pulled to a halt we hurried down the steps to the gate. Queues gathered at each entrance gate and as I waited impatiently I read from boards at he gate the admission charges. My Father bought the tickets, a bit steep for the whole family, but all the rides are free once you are in. Good value, yes, but I was still glad not to foot the bill. The great metal gates swung open and in we swarmed, carried along by the enthusiasm of the crowd, and what a sight met our eyes, the place was fantastic! Rides galore, shops, souvenirs and all the facilities you could possibly wish for.A huge roller coaster, 'Space Mountain' dominated the skyline, and we followed the signs straight there, hoping to be the first in the queue. Somehow a few others had beaten us to it, but we were not made to wait for long. The wait was in a moving queue in a dark walled tunnel . This I later found was an insight of things to come. 'This is a roller coaster in the dark' boomed out from a nearby television type monitor. With that there was a tremendous roar and behind a glass screen as I peered into the darkness a...

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