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Creative Writing: Additional Chapter Of Novel 'catch 22' By Joseph Heller

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Cathcart stood there in the briefing room, staring at Scheisskopf, watching him, trying to find anyone flaw in the man, which he could use to discredit him. As he continued to stare he began to wonder, does Scheisskopf have any idea that I am trying to undermine him. Could he even possibly read my mind? Ha! Scheisskopf, a mind reader, that's ridiculous, Cathcart quickly thought afterwards. But what if that's what Scheisskopf wants me to think? Trying to keep me off guard. What if he could really read minds and is he reading my mind right now? What if he's just not revealing his true abilities until he has discovered all my deepest and darkest secrets? Oh no! That means he'll soon find out about that time when I poured barrels and barrels of gunpowder into Colonel Korn's soup as a practical joke. Too bad Colonel Korn didn't feel like soup that day... that poor soldier that did though, who would of thought that he had an allergic reaction to gunpowder that caused that man to have symptoms up to and including death? I can't let Scheisskopf know that it was I, otherwise Colonel Korn will become aware of my practical jokes.Cathcart then smiled slightly as he created a master plan in defeating Scheisskopf. He begun to reach for his handgun but then stopped abruptly. Damn he thought. He now knows that my master plan was to shoot him and then quite possibly shoot him several more times if he continued moving. Cathcart became angered that he couldn't continue with his great plan as he thought about it, which meant that Scheisskopf knows of it and now has a counter to being shot in the head. Cathcart started to panic, as he knew that Scheisskopf knows that he knows that he can read minds. But then Cathcart realises that he knows that Scheisskopf knows that he knows that Scheisskopf can read minds. With this knowledge, Cathcart knew he had the upper hand and must not think quickly. With this new surge of confidence he began to not think the quickest he has ever not thought before.All in one swift motion Cathcart reached down grabbed hold of a projectile and threw it. The entire room became silent, as they watched the object fly gracefully through the air crashing in between Major Danby's upper thighs."Oh my god, you struck my weakness, how did you know?" Cried out Major Danby as he double over with his arms over his stomach."For crying out loud, it was only a sock, socks don't hurt... sure they're dirty and they smell and the sock that hit you does look quite grotesque. But it's just a damn sock, they're soft!" General Peckem said while slightly kicking Danby while he was lying on the ground."Well have you ever been hit in the groin by a sock before?" Replied DanbyGeneral Peckem stood there for a moment as if to think through his entire life. "Let's see, I've been kicked several times, hit by a baseball bat, anvil, been in a vice, stapled and one time I was wearing red underwear in Mexico. Nope, never by a sock"Major Danby stared at General Peckem and then...

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1793 words - 7 pages , Joseph. "Chapter 17." Catch-22. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2004. 166. Print. Heller, Joseph. "Chapter 21." Catch-22. New York, NY: Simon & Schuster Paperbacks, 2004. 210. Print. "I Don't Believe People Are... at BrainyQuote." Famous Quotes at BrainyQuote. Web. 08 Aug. 2011. . "Joseph Campbell Quotes - BrainyQuote." Famous Quotes at BrainyQuote. Web. 08 Aug

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