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Creative Writing: Alex And His Group Of Friends

1226 words - 5 pages

Clockwork orange

Part 1 Chapter 1 & 2 & 3
Alex and a group of his friends are loaded with cash and they blow it all on drugged milkshakes and girls. There slang word for group of friends is droogs. They hit on old women and blow their money. They then rob a corner store and beat up the employees. They also mess with an older man in the street but he is drunk and doesn’t care about life so he allows the kids to keep beating him up till he vomits. They then walk the streets until they steal a car and go into the countryside to rape a woman in a small house. Her husband, a writer was typing a document labeled clockwork orange but Alex ripped it up. They then return to the milkbar. Alex hears a ...view middle of the document...

When he opens the front door he realizes it was an ambush and Dim hits him in the eyes with his chain blinding him. The police beat up Alex and he is taken down to the station where he is beat even longer. He is forced to confess and he even rats on his friends. He is put in a cell where is almost molested by two other prisoners. The next day he finds out the woman he knocked out was dead.

Part 2 Chapters 1 & 2 & 3 & 4

Alex goes to jail, he is sentenced to 14 years and the guards constantly beat him. He is also given a number instead of a name. He starts to read the bibles but he only enjoys the parts where Jesus suffers and people are raped. He then learns about an early release program and talks to the chaplain about it. He is also happy to learn that Georgie had died. Alex and his cellmates beat up the new cellmate who tries to take control of the cell. He then ends up killing this cellmate. He is selected for a program that will supposedly clear him of his violence. He feels rewarded because he is given a room, cigarettes and magazines. He is told that all he needs to do is watch some movies and get injected with what he thinks is a nutrition additive. Alex is tied down to a chair and is forced to watch horrible movies about rapes and murders. He feels very sick but doesn’t vomit until her gets back to his room. When he get to his room however he starts to feel much better and Branom sais that the violence is starting to make him sick.

Part 2 Chapters 5 & 6 & 7

Alex dreams about a gang rape and right before the climax he get sick and the other group members laugh at him. The next few days of treatment go by and he sees one movie that has a Beethoven soundtrack and he even starts to cry. He soon learns that the needles are causing the sickness and starts to rebel. However one day he gets strapped down without any needles and is still nauseous and he even starts to cry. He decides to try and escape but when he tries to punch the guard he pauses and gets sick. On his last day of treatment he enters the room but instead of...

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