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Creative Writing Assignment About Living In A Treehouse.

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Every parent today has had the pleasure of begging a child to go outside; even my own parents have once begged me. I know you've heard this one, "Little Billy get off those computer games this instant, and play outside!" Then the child always asks, "And what am I suppose to do out there?" That's when mom or dad always says, "Climb a tree!" And from the way they talk about it, it seems as though all they ever did as children was climb trees, hike up mountains of snow, and swing on vines. These days, when you ask a kid to climb a tree, the child tries to figure out a way to explain how they're too cool to do such things as actually being active. At some point the parent then continues to deliver the entire speech about how, when they were you're age, they were always building forts, cooking mud pies, exploring hideaways, living off of baked beans and roasted chipmunk, and so on. Now I know what you're thinking, times change, and yes that is true, I suppose my future will just change the aspect of being active in the outdoors as a whole. For you see, it is my life long dream to live in a tree house. Not just any tree house, not even the Swiss Family Robinson tree house, but one that surpasses even your wildest imagination.Waking up on a Monday morning enchanted by the slight cool breeze as it skims the tip of your toes that are sticking out from underneath the blankets. As the air slides through the open holed windows your nostrils fill with the smell of wild flowers and bliss. No matter how cold the morning air may feel, your heart is a million times warmer as you find yourself in the middle of an outdoors heaven. You slowly move to get out of bed always being thankful that you are over 100 feet about ground level, in the middle of a cypress tree, with thousands of budded petals of pure beauty. The floor creeks the sound of what you would think would be an old rocking chair swaying back and forth. Surrounded around your bedroom which is at the very tip of the tree house is a balcony. The balcony flows into a boarded bridge with rope sides that if you aren't too careful the fibers get poked into your hands. You...

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