Creative Writing: Christmas And Santa Claus

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It was three weeks before Christmas when my little sister Emily barged into my room. I was busy preparing gifts for the holidays and also was listening to music. I took an earbud out to listen to what she had to say, but I still was not facing her. She then asked if Santa was real. In my busy state of mind, I nonchalantly said yes and urged her out of my room so I could finish what I was doing. At the time, I did not think much about my response.
A few days later, my family were all gathered around for lunch when Emily began questioning me about Santa Claus. She appeared so enthusiastic and happy for Christmas that I did not want to ruin it for her. So I started telling her about ...view middle of the document...

While she was talking, my heart was pumping so loud I thought she could hear the palpations. I then made a promise to never do this again. It is too much stress.
The days quickly breezed by and eventually weeks passed. Christmas was around the corner, and I was finished with everyone’s gifts, including Emily’s. I was so excited to give her the present, even though it is technically from Santa. Of course, Emily was eager and wanted to write to Santa. Going along with the plan, I could not reject her. So we did that, and I “mailed” it. Then finally it was Christmas Eve, and my family decided to celebrate it at my uncle’s house. When we arrived, the party was already in full swing. We prepared to eat, and this was definitely one of the best parts, mainly because of my love for food. After dinner, the kids began opening their presents. I decided this woul be a good time for Emily to open up presents from Santa Claus, but boy was I wrong.
As one of the gifts sat in Emily’s lap, I could sense the excitement from her. My aunt asked her who it was. Emily then grinned and stated it was from Santa. This is where the...

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