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Creative Writing: Creature Of Calloway Essay

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The thieves ran faster, the pads of their feet slamming against the soft ground. “This way!” The leader ordered. He veered off the path into the thick underbrush. His men followed him into the forest as the sound of dogs barking grew louder. He created a wall of fire to block them from following and ran back to his men, who were a few hundred paces away. He ducked under a branch and tripped on a root. His men, being the loyal idiots they were, came back to help him. The soldiers knocked them over and bound their hands with rope. Francisco, being the proud Spaniard he was, put his hands on his hip and smiled down at the criminals he just caught.
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They rebound Viktor’s hands and he cried in pain. “Now I believe it’s time for a proper trial.” Francisco nodded triumphantly. His soldiers hauled the prisoners onto a horse and began their short trek back to the Eastern City.
Once they reached the gates, Viktor’s men began to cry. They were all children, orphaned from disease. He had put a spell on them to get them to help him. It was a mistake to reveal his demonic nature; he realized that now. He could have waited until they were inside the kingdom and taken down the house of Calloway. That would’ve destroyed the balance and allowed for mass chaos.
The gates opened slowly as a servant pulled the wheel to let the soldiers in. He looked about seventeen, with dirt smudged on his face. He held the wheel in place while Francisco’s small band of soldiers marched in. They walked through the town square and breathed through their mouths to avoid the horrendous smell of the streets. Families stopped to watch the scene. It was always entertaining for them to see who was being hauled off.
The grand castle of Calloway towered over the city. There was always speculation about which of the four noble families had the nicest castle. The building was solid marble, with gold decorating each window. It had four towers in each corner, each bearing the flag of Calloway: a royal blue flag with a single gold star in the center. Each noble family had a signature flag carried out throughout their regions. The Calloways used blue with a gold star, the Piersons used red with a black star, the Andeliksons used gold with a blue star, and the Eversons used red with a black star. Legend stated that the families would band together after the children of the inverted flags loved each other and banish the demons for good, but no one believed that because the thought seemed preposterous, and the children often never met the children of the opposite family until they were married and in control of their region.
Viktor knew this. Everyone did. It was common knowledge that the Four Families were immensely powerful. Viktor just happened to have an advantage. Once he and his followers were locked up in their cell. He listened to the children’s wailing and grinned wickedly at the smallest boy. He rested his hands on the biggest boy’s shoulder and gestured to the runt.
Prove your loyalty and kill it. He ordered. The boy nodded and picked up a sharp stone. He...

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