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Creative Writing: Emiko Himaru Essay

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I watched as the fiery scarlets and fleshy apricot swam gracefully in the Iris pond. The moon rippling in it's waters. I could only imagine how it would be to have my scaly smooth skin be tickled by the gentle ripples in the water. To taste the sweet water and allow the flavors to dance on my tongue.I guess this is why mother loved it so much here. I remember seeing her ebony hair float like lily pads on the water and her lunar like skin glistening in the light of the moon. She was looking up at me will dull eyes of no emotion or capability of feeling. I watched her leave me for the beauty of something else, something more than the world we live in. I wonder is there something more beautiful ...view middle of the document...

All the children surround the victim of Kosuke and spoke words of comfort. ¨Don't worry Ko she is just 2half-breed she has no place with us¨ said her friend Nagisa as the other chimed in with the same words.

I have no place here and I never will. No matter what I am the child of a disgraced father and a cowardly mother. For these reason I decided run away from the life of being unwanted, yet obedient to all the people who despise and hate me. Instead I became free and numbed myself from the world of cruel people who judge me of things I could not control. Kamiko, the only person in this village of hypocrites and judgers, is the head of the village. She is the one who convinced the others to allow me to stay in the village. She was a close friend of my dad and said she believes he is not the reason why he was banished and I never should be ashamed of him. She is the one person I can show my emotions too and act like I am one of the other children. However, I learned that no matter how much I try I will never be hers and will always be what I am today. I would be ok with this if it wasn't for the fact that I didn't know what I was. What truly makes a person a person? Is it the way they act or is it what they are known for? Is it their social standing or their race? These were questions left unanswered for a long time.

One day as I was sitting near my koi fish. Watching their scales of flames circulate through the water. As I stared transfixed to the fish as it stared up at me with it’s voidless eye I began to fill the hairs on the back of my neck began to stick up. My body stiffened and felt as if a ghost with breath of ice was breathing behind. As I reluctantly looked back expecting to see a fierce 3Tengu but what I saw instead was a face of radiant warm and youth. He stared down me his eyes staring looking through me as if I was just glass in a window pane. “ Hello little miss I was wondering if you knew where I can find any shelter for the night.” his words smoothly rolling of his tongue. “ If you would not mind could I speak to your mother or father?” his words stabbing through me like a knife. Of course he was a simple traveller who never knew me. This was the only reason why he talked to me and he never will after I explain that I am orphaned. He will simply give me a pitying glance and pretend like he never talked to me. “ My father is disgraced and my mother is in a place where she can be happy forever.” I said giving the stranger a cold stare that would make anyone feel uncomfortable. Instead though he met my cold gaze with something I never seen before. It was not pity like everyone else it was something more. “ You mean to tell me you’re out here all by yourself and no one is watching you?” he voice no longer having the same even tone as before. “ Yes” I managed to whisper. “ This is unacceptable no little girl should be on the outskirts of a village all alone” he began to say “ Where is the person in charge of the village?”, as was...

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