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Creative Writing: Ernest And The Sargeant

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The afternoon sun shined down Ernest's back as he stood on his toes to get a look over the trench wall. All of the men had been warned not to look over, despite the natural inclination to do so. Even when there was no attack at the moment, a random sniper shot could bring death to a soldier on his first day of service. “Johnson!” Ernest quickly lowered back down into the trench. He turned to the sergeant behind him. “Do you want to get killed Private?” The sergeant barked. “No sir!” Ernest hastily replied. He crouched back down into the trench as the sergeant left him. He looked down the trench. To his left were several more soldiers, some sleeping, waiting to be awoken by the sounds of ...view middle of the document...

Ernest looked back down the lines. The soldier lowered back into the trench. “The fog is still to thick, can't see a thing,” he complained. Ernest acknowledged this with a thankful sigh. He hadn't expected him to get shot, but the snipers were unpredictable. He spread out the best he could in the cramped trench, and dozed off. He awoke as darkness approached. A sergeant stood next to him, giving orders. “You two, get to the rear of the trenches and carry the rations back here!” he bellowed. The two soldiers to his left scrambled up and ran towards the back of the trenches as they crouched. “You!” The sergeant nudged the soldier to his right with his foot. “Set up a fire-step here, you are on sentry duty for the next two hours!” The soldier jumped to his feet. “You there, go join the patrol squad, you are going to repair the barbed wire up front!” Ernest turned towards the sergeant, who was pointing at him. “Yes sir!” He yelled. He strapped on his gear, and went to join the patrol party. They waited until it was completely dark, and climbed over the trench wall and carefully traversed through No Man's Land. They quietly crouch-walked along the tree-line as they approached the barbed wire line. There were several ripped sections from a previous raid attempt. A soldier was assigned to each ripped section, as several stood by with their Lee-Enfield rifles. They had bayonets fixed to the ends, which were used more as psychological weapons, hardly ever being used. They all had handguns fixed to their sides, but no bullets could be fired, or else the risk of alerting enemy machine gunners arose. If two patrol parties stumbled upon each other, they often just scurried away from each other, and if they did fight, it was often only hand-to-hand combat. Ernest fixed the replacement barbed wire sheet onto the hole with wire. He sighed. He had been drafted into the British military, and nearly went to prison trying to resist going into service. “The war isn't helping, innocent people are dying every day and no progress is being made, why can't they solve this another way?” He muttered under his breath. He finished attaching the barbed wire, and leaned back to check his work. This was his first time on repair duty, so he looked over at the work of the other soldiers. He sighed with relief as he realized that his was the best out of the group. A shot suddenly ran out. The solder next to him slumped as dark blood spurted out of his back. Ernest gagged at the sight and backed up. More shots ran out as the patrol quickly withdrawned back to the trenches. Another soldier dropped. “It's an ambush!” Ernest thought as they ran back to the trench. An explosion suddenly rang out behind the group as a shockwave hit him. A discus bomb had been thrown towards their patrol. The charred flesh of the soldier behind him mixed with dirt rained down on him as an intense ringing hit his eardrums. He couldn't even hear the gunshots through the ringing in his ears. The taste of...

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