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When I was a little girl I always have dreamed about finding the love of my life, and being able to look at someone and just know why I love them. Although throughout my lifetime it has not been a love story, I think I finally have one to tell. My love life has been a rollercoaster and not everything I wanted to happen actually went the way I wanted it to go, but I can say I am the happiest I have ever been. So many positive things have occurred over the months, and I thank god every day for blessing me with a nice family and an awesome relationship.
It all started when I was an 8th grader in high school, it was the summer leading up to my freshman year also. I had a group of friends who were sophomores soon to be juniors, who I hanged around with quite frequently. Usually someone in their friend group starts to like each other, but this was different. Although we both liked each other we didn’t really make it that known, because at that age I was extremely shy. I didn’t know really how to act in front of boys, and I didn’t want to talk too much because I thought I was going to be annoying. Even though I was shy Logan still liked me and still tried to get me out of my shell every day.
Logan was first my best friend, I told him everything and he told me everything. I trusted him with everything and I didn’t have to ever feel doubtful, or feel judged by him. I never knew he really liked me, I just thought he had a very flirtatious personality, considering he had so many friends. I loved being around him at school, I would walk to his locker sometimes, but other times I would be to shy. It started out by texting, we would text every day nonstop, no matter if we had nothing to talk about we would always try to find something, just so we could continue to text each other.

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