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Creative Writing For Area Of Study Change.

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The seats are packed, the change rooms full with ice skating teams going through last minute checkups – Hair, make up, tights, costumes, and skates! And as the top NSW junior team the “Ice crystals” stand in a huddle five minutes before we skate, I remember back to when we first skated as a synchronized ice skating team.I remember learning the routines, those early morning practices with the on – ice fights over the smallest things. Where the coaches are yelling at us to skate faster, bend your knees, use those edges, heads up, ultimately to bring us to our goal, to skate as one.But it is not about just winning gold and going overseas, it is more than that. It’s that feeling that you get just before an exam or a really important job interview, you feel like you are going to be sick and then just before you have time to react. Before all that food you didn’t eat that morning can come out, you step on that ice, or start that exam or begin that interview, and all the anxiety begins to disappear. It’s like something inside of you has flicked the on switch and your body is doing what it is meant to do, as if you had practiced it a hundred times. Then, just as quickly as it all began, its over. Nothing you can do can possibly change the result now. It is all out of your hands.All of a sudden a cold breeze wisps through the door, and glides across my face. A shiver is sent down my spine and my knees begin to shake.Sarah whispers in my ear, “I think its time”. I look in her eyes and I see fear beginning to wash all over her, as if she has just stepped out into a storm. Then I remember what someone once told me before skating my gold medal performance two years prior: “People that never try never fall. But they will never fly either”.And just as it had reassured me, relief swept over her and that childish grin she has cracked across her face and I knew that she was going to be alright.Then someone walked into the change room and was ushering our team out. The marks of the...

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