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Creative Writing: Invisible Man Essay

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She had brownish red hair and blue eyes, which were actually gray without contacts on. She was wearing a leather fur jacket, and as she walked towards the alleyway of Dima’s Club a night club which was frequented by members of the Russian mob, she saw that the club was closed, and that there was caution tape all around, indication that something had happened here.
“Hands where I can see them,” a cop guarding the crime scene said as soon as he spotted the woman with brownish red hair wandering around, Alexis nodded doing as she was told, there wasn’t any point in trying to fight back, and raising her arms above her head, as the cop slowly and cautiously approached her.
“What is a lady like you doing here?” his partner asked in disbelief. “This is a crime scene.”
What was she doing here, in a night club, deep in Russian mob territory they ask, well trying to find Yuri of course. ...view middle of the document...

“Some mob guy named Dmitri Burkes but then why does it matter anyhow?” the cop replied.
So Dmitri had been the one who had been killed, not that she had not been surprised by it, nor was she saddened by it. The guy had been a walking target what with his womanizing behavior, and past in the Old country.
“That doesn’t surprise me,” she said the words escaping her mouth before she had realized it.
The cops were now looking at her even more suspiciously than before.
“You knew the victim.” One of the cops said, it wasn’t a question.
“We should bring her in,” his partner whispered to him.
He nodded agreeing with that course of action, besides he was sick of standing around here guarding an empty crime scene.
“Look we need to bring you in to the station,” the cop said to her.
“Go ahead,” she said shrugging as they escorted her towards the police car at the end of the parking lot and drove off to the station.

Invisible Man

The Invisible Man watched as the police car began to leave Dima’s Club and smiled, rubbing his hands together, an old habit from his school days which he hadn’t quite gotten over with.
Perfect. That should take care of the meddling woman for a while, in time for the next part of the game he’d plan, and oh boy was the next part the best part of the game.
He knew why she’d come to Dima’s Club. He’d sent her there, using a fabricated message from Yuri. Yuri, poor boy still had no idea what was going on. But then again that boy had always been somewhat of an idiot.
There was a knock on the window of his car, and distracted from his thoughts he turned around to see who had knocked.
It was his Micah, his partner in crime.
“Yes Micah?” he said in irrationally. He was late.
“Gregor is dead,” Micah reported.
Another great victory the Invisible Man thought and smiled.
“Well done Micah,” he said smiling as he patted the man in the back.
“So what goes on there Pavel?” Micah asked, indicating the Dima Club.
“A man was killed there, the police have been guarding the crime scene.”
“I don’t see anyone there.” Micah said, ever the observant person he was.
“They left,” he said simply. “Alexis was there,”

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