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Creative Writing: My First Battle As An Ancient Warrior

977 words - 4 pages

Hanging just above the horizon like a hot medallion, the blazing eager sunlight outshone at my army. Its golden light reflected my sword turning it pale orange from white. The gold tips on our battle flag looked like it was on fire. They were bearing the crest of our lord. The metal armor laced together with cords of brilliant hues. The tension in the air was palpable and the horses champed nervously at the bits of their bridles. My ferocious iron mask was covering my face, but I still could feel rivulets of sweat cascading down my face. Standing still like s statue, I was rooted to the spot. The air around me felt heavy and unfamiliar. Everything was quiet and calm right now, but I knew that the danger would be started in a moment.

Outwardly, I looked tough and brave, but inside feelings were another matter. The feelings of hatred, tension and fear were almost palpable. We were acting like we were brave and calm, but we were actually as taut as strings. My body was shaking like a cobweb in a strong wind. Rivulets of sweat cascaded down my back. My hands were clammy. Shaking uncontrollably, my hands were unable to grip the sword properly. My muscles were tense as a rock. Thumping like a jackhammer, my heart was about to burst out. Rigid with fear, I stand still like a statue. Vacuumed like a deep hole, my lungs were vacant. The armor hid my jelly legs. Churning like a flushing toilet, my stomach was sick. It felt like my muscle was getting narrower and narrower. Trembling like a leaf, my arms were about to get ripped off.

Lit by the blazing ball of fire, the battlefield separated into half with a bright orange glow. The cloudless sky seemed to watch our every move. I saw lines and lines of gleaming armor on both sides. Ghostly lit torches cast eerily shadow across the battlefield. The enemy looked like tiny devils trying to put me in hell. I was able to see the burning determination to kill in the enemy?s eyes. Vivid colors of weapons and flags stood out. The flags were billowed hardly in the crisp morning air. As I surveyed our army, I could see calm faces, which seemed to be hiding their inside feelings. The nervous horses were scraping the ground with hooves and the majestic horses were restless and neighed loudly. Calm yet alert, we waited them to come closer. I clenched my fist and got ready for my first battle.

As the rising sun washed the field with a pale orange glow, both side left pother of dust behind and went toward the battle line. The mounted archers faded one other in the noisy battle lines. As an arrow got fired, the screaming of a horse yelled out. Both sides of the warlords were great....

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