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Creative Writing: New Me Essay

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“Morgan I would love it if you came with me. It would be so much fun. When the program is over, we can hang out with Gram or maybe we could take her out for a bite to eat.’
That was the best that I could come up with to stop her from going to the women’s meeting without me. Morgan looked at me and I could tell she was tempted. I was hoping she would come with me. Morgan took a few moments to think and then she said,
“Well Mama I want to go to the women’s meeting. I want to see what it is like. I already know what’s up with Nadia’s retarded point of view, you warned me in advance and I am ready for it. I am not going to respond to it. I just want to see how the women work.”
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“Good morning Mama!”
Sheldon walked over to me and gave me a kiss on my cheek. It was great to finally see him. He worked all night and slept all day. I got up to give him a hug.
“Sheldon, good morning to you; I barely get to see you at all! You want me to make you some breakfast?”
Sheldon stretched out his arms and said,
“Yes thanks Mama.”
As I began walking to the kitchen I asked Sheldon if he wanted to go with me to hear his aunts in concert this afternoon. It would really make Gram happy if you went. Sheldon said,
“I ain’t got a problem with that! I’ll go. I am going to bring my drum sticks; it has been a very long time since I played drums with Gram. She is a very good drummer!”
Sheldon and I sat down and enjoyed breakfast together. The day went by very quickly. Before I knew it, I was getting dressed to go and see my sisters in concert. I was very excited and I could not wait to get there. My sisters are phenomenal singers!
Morgan came into my room to tell me that they were all leaving to go to the meetings. Morgan gave me a kiss on my cheek and she left the house with Eric and Paul.
I finished dressing. I wore an elegant pink dress, with a pastel yellow sash, shiny pink satin heels and a pastel yellow purse. I had not been to church in a while, but I certainly did not forget how to dress for it! I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked fantabulous as usual! Sheldon came downstairs dressed in khaki pants and a nice button down shirt. Sheldon looked very nice indeed. Sheldon had his drum sticks in hand.
“I am ready to go Mama. Do you want me to drive?”
I handed my keys to Sheldon. We got in my car and left.
When we arrived at the church it was packed! Everyone was buzzing and excited to hear my sisters sing. When we arrived at the church my cousins Dana and Laura waved for us to come and sit with them. They had saved a couple seats for Sheldon and me.
I looked over to the other side of the church and I saw the Trinity (Mama, Aunty Olivia and Aunt Margie) sitting there. Sheldon and I went over and gave each of them a hug. They all gave us a very funny smile, like they knew something that we didn’t know.
Then Aunt Olivia winked at me. I knew something was going on, but I did not have time to figure out what they were up to. The concert was about to begin. I walked back over to my seat. Just then a man came out and he introduced Tonya and then he introduced Yvonne.
They sounded incredible! They both had perfect pitch and I was in awe of the acrobatic work they could do with their voices. They sang beautifully and they were great performers that knew how to relate to their audience.
As they were coming to the end...

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