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Creative Writing: Pain From The Past

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Finally, as the little beast had fallen asleep, I got a chance to have a quick smoke before someone noticed me outside of the house. My mind was blank, thoughtless, and fearless, or that was at least what I thought. What I recently realized was that the only solution for a successful future was to leave the past behind me, however, sometimes as if it had to, it tormented my conscience. As I walked around the house, trying to find an absolutely hidden place from the neighbors’ eyes, the smell of the freshly painted house reminded me of my past that I have been running away from for a very long time. Suddenly, the words of my father ran through my mind. When I was younger, he used to tell me ...view middle of the document...

Please, don't look for me and waste your time, because you won't find me. For you, I am gone forever. Jenna"
Until this day, I still can't deal with a fact that I was so stupid and careless to make my parents go through the hell I gave them. Later, I realized that I was preoccupied with my own life and didn't think about how much my parents have given and sacrificed for me. Sometimes people told me that it is never too late for things to be changed, but no one realized that life is not an eternity to think that way.
As everything was planned in advance, my bags were packed, I left the house and turned around to take a big last look at everything I had in my life. "Goodbye everything, it's time for me to start all over again." As I walked, the smell of freshly painted house snuck into my nose and that was the last time, until today.
Tonight, I am far away from the reality, from the people that once meant the world to me. It haunts me every second, one desire, one punishment, the tear of my father. Just today I realized how strange and far the world is, we care about everyone, but the family, we leave aside. Just today I realize how much I miss everything known as parents' care.
After years of life in the unknown, I accepted all that the strange world is. It became my world. I never wanted to go back home. In the new world, I lied that my whole family died. Maybe I really wanted that to be true, and not to interrupt my future with the past that was thousands of kilometers away. Holidays came and went by, my friends went to their hometowns, but I always had an...

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