Creative Writing Piece Spirituality & Free Will

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I have grown up around people of faith and have often looked upon people of faith with a sense of admiration but at the same time envy.
I feel envious because at times I find the idea of people who can follow something blindly even with no real evidence or logical basis amazing. I say this because to believe in something supernatural or spiritual in today’s modern age carries heavy scrutiny. The most sobering and understanding of religious ideology is in life after death is perhaps an idea that I can understand the thought processes behind.
Life after death is not only a comforting thought, but a pleasant thought at best. The idea of seeing every loved one you have ever lost gloriously reunited in mystical realm between life and death is an idea itself which not only eliminates fear of death it also gives a person something to feel positive about up the their final moments which creates comfort but more interestingly an understanding of the unknown.
To truly believe the old teachings of faith in today’s society of modern science and technology exists could be dismissed as illogical and idiotic but really in reality everyone has to believe in something because the idea of belief extends the super natural in my opinion you can put your faith into anything or anyone. I often wonder if it’s possible to know far too much, an example of knowing too much in my opinion would consist of having all the answers to the nature of our existence I make this point because even today when mathematical equations are used to figure the inner quantum mechanics of the universe we are still left with further questions we may never know the whole truth, some would say this is a shame but really I think we should give ourselves credit for what we’ve achieved so far due to the almost infinite numbers of complexities we face while trying to understand something incomprehensibly giant compared to our arguably pointless existence.
The idea of humanity existing for no real reason is I will admit worrying to say the least but why would it not be to a race of people who see patterns in everything.
Psychologist B.F Skinner experimented on a pigeon which was subjected to famous study in behaviour in animals was observed and monitored, the exercise involved a pigeon inside a specially designed chamber referred to today as the “Skinner box”. This box or chamber (in the case of the pigeon) would dispense food as part of a reward system whenever the bird performed certain actions while in the chamber.
The famous “Skinner Box” would dispense bird seed and depending on the Pigeon’s particular actions the pre-programmed box would dispense food thus creating a reward system for certain actions after the study was carried out on many animals studies were reflected the same time after time even though the variable was changed this test yielded a major breakthrough in behavioural psychology and this experiment along with other innovative approaches to the field of behavioural...

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