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Creative Writing: Russian Roulette Essay

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On the thirty third of May, that man, Tigers father, or as he was so named; Mr Hunter, sat across from me. He had come into some difficulty with a client – who had survived his share of twenty games. I’d known him as Orange, but never struck up a conversation with him that lasted more than a minute. I'd heard that he'd been named Orange, after strolling around in his prison uniform, for eight months after his release. He’d grown tired of Mr Hunter stealing lives away, and went out of his way to grow a gang. That mob was bursting full of people who loathed the family.

I’d been in the hallway – and although I’d never witnessed any of Orange’s conflicts, It was sure of that he’d seen ...view middle of the document...

I feel the muzzle of the gun, once again at the nape of my neck. He’s breathing heavily.

“Who is more foolish here Little Miss? The girl afraid and cautious of everyone, and everything in the dark, but willing to risk her life for nothing. Or the man afraid of the truth in plain light?” Tiger growls, and I look towards him and at a glance I can see the anger radiating out of his eyes. The trigger is pulled. He places his lips on my cheeks and he lingers there for a moment. I can feel the tears brewing in my eyes. “You think I’d be in this room, choosing between someone I love, and my father If I wasn’t in on it?” He pauses and brings himself around to his fathers side of the room. I look towards the glass, where Orange is looking smugly towards me.

“You’re not choosing. Fate is choosing.” I reply, cautiously, as he walks around to the back of Mr Hunter.. The gun is at the nape of his neck now, and the trigger is pulled once again. He’s wasting no time with his father.

“Fate won’t kill you, though.” He looks up at me, before moving slowly back towards me, staring at his hands, as if already covered in blood.

“You can’t kill your father.” I say sharply. His father is looking at me absently, as though my defence was going to get us both killed. I roll my eyes, and push back in my seat, and enjoy the squeak it lets off from the contact with the floor.

“I hate him. He forced me to become a murderer Abby. If the police came in here - I’d be the one shut away for years, not him.” Tiger groans, and returns to behind me, keeping his voice low. “I don’t want you hurt, what is wrong with that?”

“I apologised for getting you into this!” His father growls, the first words that had left his mouth since he and I had entered the room.

“You’ll hate yourself more, for killing him. You’re going to get back at him by doing the one thing you didn’t want to do - to him?” I ignore his father and turn my body to face Tiger. I feel like getting on my knees and begging for him to waste all four shots on me.

“He made me kill my mother, innocent people, and now he’s expecting me to kill you for him.” He argues, his eyebrows arching. He leans down so he’s at eye level with me, and places the gun differently, resting it on my temple, he’s changing everything.

“Forget everything he’s done Tiger. When it comes down to it, you’re choosing between your father, and some girl. Would you really do that to him?” I hiss, and he narrows his eyes.

“You’re not just some girl.” The gun lets off a tst, and I know he shot in anger. He’s pissed off with me, and I’d rather it that way. He lays another kiss on my cheek and I can see the tears brewing in his eyes, and mine are slowly dripping down my cheek heavily.

“Well, I can’t let you kill your father.” I argue, and take a deep breath. He’s tired of this game I’m playing, and from the agony I’m feeling in my throat, so am I. He fires another empty shot towards his...

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