Creative Writing: Side Swiped Essay

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Fire was consuming the second floor of a lavish two story mansion like it was made of paper soaked in Vaseline. Flames were licking up every wall in every room, engulfing the contents, and trying to escape through the high ceiling and windows.
“Layla?! Can you hear me?” a man who looked to be in his early thirties yelled as loud as he could through the smoke-filled hallways of the unburned section of the first floor.
“Dad, are you there?” a small voice called from two rooms over, as the coughing eleven year old girl stumbles out of it. She is in matching soft light pink pajama top and bottom, her straight black hair bouncing against her shoulders and back as she coughs through ...view middle of the document...

” He was now looking at the three men across the room as he passed his daughter to his best friend. “I’ll meet up with you later, now go.”
“Dad, no dad don’t leave,” the young girl protested trying to break from Ignatius’s grasp
Ignatius takes Layla to the garage in the rear of the house, hops onto his motorcycle with a now bundled up Layla, and heads out into the night. The burning mansion lighting up his rearview mirrors, “Rodolfo, be careful,” he mutters to himself.
* * *
Seventeen year old Layla was gazing out the front window of the small one floor house in a neighborhood typical for middle class citizens when Ignatius came through the door that led to the small one car garage. Of course there weren’t any cars in that garage since Ignatius or Iggy, as Layla calls him, is a mechanic who specializes in motorcycles.
“So what’s for dinner?” Iggy asked as he moved towards the sink to wash the grease from his face and hands.
“Hmm…?” Coming back to reality Layla answered, “There’s left overs in the fridge or I can make you some chicken if you really want something different.”
“No, I’ll eat the left over spaghetti since I have a consultation tonight. Weren’t you planning on going out tonight?”
“I was just going to ride my motorcycle up to the hill and watch the sunset again,” she replied, turning towards Iggy who is now at the fridge rummaging around the bottom shelf. She smiles.
“Well, when you’re ready to talk and have a real conversation with me, I’ll be in the garage,” he said, moving towards the garage door with a bottle of water and an energy bar he found in one of the half painted cupboards.
“Or the kitchen!” Layla called as she saw the garage door close behind Iggy. She chuckles softly to herself, puts on her leather jacket, and leaves out the front door to her black motorcycle in the driveway. Putting on her flame red helmet she waves to Iggy through the open garage door that was almost never shut and she takes off down the street towards the hill that overlooks the valley.
The hill is usually popular on the weekends for couples who want a romantic evening watching the sunset but given that today was Tuesday barely anybody was up there. Layla was almost completely alone watching the sun slowly turn the sky from light blue to pink to a red that made the sky look engulfed in flames. It reminded her of the night she lost everything, it helped her to never forget all she...

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