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Creative Writing: The Bad Beginning Essay

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The Story begins on a beach with three young children playing. Violet, 14, inventor; Klaus, 12, amateur researcher; and Sunny, baby, professional biter who has not totally developed speech. When they arrive to the beach it is a cloudy foggy overcast day. Violet is spending her time here skipping rocks, Klaus is studying tide pools and Sunny is just enjoying her time being at the beach with her older siblings. Even though it is not the greatest day in the world, the children are enjoying their time spent here at their favorite place. No other people are here on beach and this gives the children a place to be alone with their imagination. While playing a gentleman is approaching, but with the ...view middle of the document...

Poe decided to leave them here anyway.

During the Children’s stay here at Count Olaf’s they have dealt with very dirty living conditions and tons of chores. The neighbor Justice Strauss, sits on the high court and is the only glow of light, hope and happiness in the lives of these three children. She lets the children have use of her library and help garden outside. She really has enhanced a relation and closeness to the children.

While reading this you start to come to the conclusion that all Count Olaf is trying to do is steal the family fortune. His demeanor and attitude towards the children are absolutely outlandish. Olaf, becomes extremely violent and his demand for chores becomes overwhelming to the children. Olaf, is involved in an acting troupe where the children are left a letter for them to make dinner for ten. Justice Strauss comes over to see the children and finds out about this debacle. She then allows them to come over to find a recipe in her library. The children decide to make Puttanesca, Italian Sauce for pasta. Olaf, arrives home displeased wanting them to make a roast beef. He then makes a big to do on how he wanted roast beef and that it is what everyone from the Theatre troupe was expecting. It was too late to make a roast beef, considering it was never specified on what the children were to make. He then has an awful attitude towards the children and all of them get upset because they worked very hard at making this dinner.

Count Olaf develops a plan to steal the Baudelaire’s' fortune, and he begins to implement it right away. Count Olaf decides to put on a play called the marvelous marriage, in which he will play the groom and Violet will play the bride. However, the marriage is to be legal, so by being the Children’s legal Guardian, it will allow Violet to get married...

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