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Creative Writing: The End Of The Earth

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Mr. Peabody saw the Earth got swallowed by the red giant Sun, like a snake swallowing a man whole alive, through his electrical telescope as he watched from Gliese 581 G. Quickly, he was telling everyone what he saw in his telescope. He thought it was a great lesson to get away before we die.

Well, it all started 76 years ago, the Earth was 9.55 billions years old and people are wearing a mechanical suit to protect themselves from the hot magnificent heat of the red giant star called the Sun. The temperature is about more than 189 degrees since the Sun is gradually growing and hotter every billion years until it dies and turn into a planetary nebula to a white dwarf.

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His dad got angry and bellowed in his scornful voice, “ If you don’t care about it, so I am going to leave you here and you can die melting in a sorrowful way, it’s that what you want”. Sherman replied “Fine, okay I will start caring now”.

He then starts telling everyone about it and try to get many people to believe it but not many people believe it. So he thought saying this on TV will grab everybody's attention about what’s gonna happen in the future.

Later soon, Mr. Peabody made an appointment to be on the TV so he can tell everyone about it. He is on the TV now. Mr.Peabody proclaimed “Everybody on Earth, please get my attention what I am telling you is very important and vague so don’t panic. The world is going to end if we live here so I am thinking that we should move to Gliese 581 G because the Sun is going to expand to the Earth’s orbit and die. Also Gliese 581 G liveable level is 0.92 however Earths is 1.00 and we have to build 8 giant spaceships big as Antarctica for each seven continents Oceania, Asia, Europe, North America, South America and Africa also the extra spaceships are for animals, insects, plants, pets, trees, mammals, extra people and special people, we have a flock of hope.

After 5 hard years building the 8 giant spaceships from all people on Earth building the spaceships, it is finished. All aboard shouted Mr.Taylor a scientist and a driver, telling people to climb aboard so people can go to the Gliese as fast as possible. After then, the door was closed when a boy called Saidou cry out wait because he was sleeping beside a massive rock and people didn’t notice him but still it was too late. Optimus prime was saying that we should get him back, but Mr. Peabody said it was his fault sleeping beside the rock where nobody see him, just let him thaw on Earth and die also get back to work if you don’t want to die like that boy.

People were enjoying riding the spaceship and it was cozy, comfortable and had many good technology to live with until they arrive to Gliese. After arriving Gliese 581 G which is 2 light years away (20 trillion km away) and that took 1 years, 4 months, 1...

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