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Creative Writing: The Gruhanis And Their Planet Gruhan

1300 words - 6 pages

Short Story Assignment:

written by Jade and Labiba Alamgir

Gruhan, a planet 12.78x10^7 km far from Earth. The Gruhanis are the most advanced civilization in technology, and second most powerful planet next to Earth among all the other planets.
Gruhanis want to make Gruhan the superpower of all the planets. Although human are the second most advanced civilization in technology, they are more advanced in thoughts, emotions, literature, music, art, and all aspects of life.

Gruhanis are basically high technology robots with brain which is 9^10 times advanced than humans. They are filled with some artificial emotions as well. They look like human, and reproduces themselves in a ...view middle of the document...

Her short pink dress, and long blond hair is blowing with artificial air. Her blue eyes created a blue reflection in the room.

The room is filled with machines. There is a cylinder on the top of the holographic fire in the fireplace. That is providing oxygen for the room. The large window of one side of the room is creating artificial Earth light. The opposite side of the room is a huge 3-D Internet wall reflecting artificial light. That is creating a strange illusion in the whole room.

“G0300? What kind of name is that?” Emily asked.
“I said to you many times, that is not a name. We Gruhanis do not have names; we have codes unlike human. My code is not G0300, it is G031” G031 replied impatiently.

“Do not shout at me. I can ask one question many times. First, you kidnapped me from Earth, then dropped me in this strange planet with an abundance of machines. Was not that enough? I can not remember that stupid code. I will give you a name. Your name will be Genem from now on."

"Genem? Okay."

G031 did not fight with Emily. His assignment is to be nice with her, and observe how human use their emotions. He was created as a young, handsome male category of species in the laboratory so that he could easily be friends with Emily.

"Emily, will you please tell me how you human create H2O from your eyes at a certain temprature of your body." G031 asked Emily sweetly.

"What? H2O? Temperature?" Emily laughed loudly for a long time.
She gathered herself, and started, "Stupid we do not call that H2O or water. We call it tears, and that has nothing to do with temperature of human body. We cry when we get extremely sad or happy. Now, do not ask me what those are. They are types of human emotions."

G031 smiled at Emily, and thought how simply she is passing all the human secret to him.

"Emily, it is night in Earth. You must sleep. I will leave now." Genem said, and left the room. He used a remote control to transform the ceiling into a night sky with myriads of stars before leaving.

Emily looked at the closed door sadly. Is she sad because of missing Earth or Genem leaivng the room?

“What are your findings?'' Captain G770 asked eagerly.
G031 handed him the report.

Gender: Female category of human speices.
Code: Emily.
Age: 1600000 rotation of Gruhan around Kepler.
16 years old according to Earth time.
Temperature: 98.6°F (37°C) 9.89 times warmer than Gruhanis.
Consumed Main Gas: O2, 20% of Ghuhan is filled with it.

“We know these numbers about human. This is not the reason for which you had to kidnapped Emily. We want to know about their emotions,” Captain G770...

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