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Creative Writing: The Story Of Angel

1265 words - 6 pages

Some time ago there was an 18 year old girl named Angel, who possessed many talents that were not known to human beings. She had the talent to control everything with her brain as well as her physical being. But like any other gifted kid she was oblivious of her talents. Her mother ,Teresa, however knew all about her but had passed away when Angel was only three years of age. Angel had then moved in with her uncle and was destined to never know who she was until the day came when all was suddenly shown.
October 11th 2012, in the city of Fremont, a teenage mother went into an impossible labor in which her baby was not able to survive. The baby girl was announced dead shortly after being ...view middle of the document...

She could not believe what just happened. Angel with all her hopelessness to save her uncle did exactly what the woman had demanded; she left without saying a word to anyone.
One week had gone by since the accident. Angel was on her own living in a house for the homeless with no help and no guidance from anyone. She was on her own and whenever she needed time to think, she went to the park. Defenseless and powerless was how Angel felt until she met Harry, a mysterious boy who was steadfast to help her. Stephen was a gifted kid as well as Angel but unlike her he was known of his abilities.
Harry was walking around very carelessly. He seemed normal and happy. Harry was alone and carried a backpack with a lot of items in it. He had his bike along his side and his notebook on the other side. Angel noticed him, but wasn't so worried about him. She was thinking of asking for help since he was the only one known around her. Just her luck, as he walked along Angel had caught his eye.
"I know you... you are just like me, you're gifted, I can see it in you."
"What are you talking about?" said Angel.
"You and I, we are gifted which means we were born with special powers that make us outside of the human kind, I guess." said Harry.
Angel could not believe anything that Harry was saying to her. It took a lot of time for her to finally grasp that she was gifted with powers, a child with unknown abilities yet to be detected.
Harry had left and Angel was on her own. The last time Angel had seen Harry he had talked about the powers she could have. Not knowing what she withheld, Angel set off to look for Harry.
"Oh hey! I knew I could find you here again." Said Harry who was sitting at the bench of the park that they had met each other at.
"I just need to know about the 'powers' you said I hold; how do I put them to use?"
"There is only one way to know of your abilities, and I'll tell you all about them, follow me!"
When they got to Harry's apartment he brought a golden magical cup and a pocket knife and told her that to find out more about her talents, she first had to endure herself in a special ritual. She was told to cut her hand to release blood. As soon as her...

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