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Creative Writing: Thomas´Happy Place Essay

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It was the first day at school, my arms and legs were shivering like those of a frightened mouse in front of a cat as I was standing in front of the humongous school gate. The bell had rung and Thomas took his first few steps, “so far so good” Thomas murmured, but that one thing was that Thomas forgot about his MUM, praying to god as Thomas walk that she wouldn’t call me. “Thomas!” Thomas mum shouted “oh no” Thomas said to myself. Thomas mum approached me she grabbed Thomas and gave him a kiss with her pink lips. Others laughed as Thomas ignored and sprinted towards the class didn’t know where to place my shameless body in front or at the back, so Thomas took my chances and sat at the back so no one would see me. So now Thomas was nicely relaxed and forgot what happen today and there Thomas sees a huge chubby boy stomping towards me “looks like I got my foot in my mouth” Thomas said in his head “hey you, get out of my seat you ...view middle of the document...

“Finally the weekends came” Thomas said to himself.

Monday morning came so rapidly and Thomas had those bad funny feeling in my stomach. Thomas started to walk and think with my shameless head down and my hands inside my pocket, Thomas found myself in front of the guidance councillor’s door. As Thomas lifted my helpless hand to knock on the door the bully shouted “hey geek you better not knock on that door or else ill pound you ten times worse” and he walked off like an elephant after eating, I taught “how can he make it ten times worse”. Once again I lifted my helpless hand and knocked on that door, fifty per cent of my tension was gone, and then a nice and humble voice from inside said “come in”. Then the councillor said come in. Thomas was scared to death Thomas told himself not to be scared. Tell the councillor what is happening with you then Thomas took his first voice councillor sir the children are bullying me in the school the councillor asked who are they tell me their names. Thomas was scared the kid was scared that he might get suspended or expelled Thomas had a look at him he was sad he felt like crying then Thomas started thinking why should i tell should Thomas gave him one last chance Thomas was wandering then he thought by giving him a chance. The councillor kept asking “tell me their names” then Thomas didn’t know what to do so Thomas faked a faint they took me to the sickbay Thomas got up all the students were asking you’re alright even the kid who bullied me asked then Thomas said I’m fine. Then the councillor asked Thomas you wanted to tell me the names then Thomas said forget the names i think everything’s gonna be fine so the councillor asked don’t be scared are you sure then Thomas said yes I’m sure then he said alright then.
Then the next day when Thomas stood outside the gate the kid who bulled me came to me and said I’m sorry, thank you for not telling on me and sorry for everything and he also said wanna be friends then Thomas stood there shocked i answered YES YES please and he also gave me food Thomas said what’s this for he said that time i took the food from you and then Thomas hugged him and from that day my life went from hell to heaven.

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