Creativity And Me: An Epiphany Essay

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I experienced an epiphany of sorts recently, possibly in Creative Thinking class. It dawned on me the stereotypes I had placed upon Creativity were myopic. Below, I attempt to narrate my self-discovery vis-à-vis Creativity.I share a profound love-hate relationship with Creativity. Omnipresent yet elusive, I have since identified Creativity as the architect of numerous accomplishments, albeit also the perpetrator of many wrongdoings. I had come to conclude two idiosyncrasies of Creativity: First, it has no eyes, no judgment of right or wrong, good or evil; second, it starts flowing only in highly stressful situations;Let me examine the first observation. Creativity is like the proverbial double-edged sword. In my journey of self-discovery of creativity, the lack of a moral compass in Creativity is evident.To illustrate, I shall take the liberty of recounting personal experiences. During the recent Creative Thinking group assignment involving us to paint a masterpiece, I conceived the initial skeleton for our work, and with valuable input from everybody, we were able to mold and create a masterpiece and garnered a respectable score. Everybody was creative. I believed the pressure-cooker situation was the catalyst; I doubt I could have replicated that sort of creative offering on any other normal day.I recount also, the day where I had to give a MS Powerpoint presentation in class. Instead of diligently working, I chose to procrastinate. Predictably, I came to class panicky. And then a stroke of creativity hit. I took my diskette, opened the “shutter” and deliberately scratched the magnetic part of the film. Composed, I inserted the disk and made a scene about the unexpected “disk error”. The kind sir gave me “an extension of one week... so that I am not penalized for what is obviously a regrettable technical error” In retrospect, I admit the lack of integrity and apparent cowardice. But on that occasion, the brainwave that hit was so brimming with creativity and laced with shrewdness, I had to grasp the lifeline the dark side of Creativity had contemptuously thrown.I regret that many more instances of the latter nature were to follow. Maybe it boils down to immaturity; otherwise it could be my disregard for authority. The disdainful Creativity would then have a chance to flaunt itself, ugly and abhorrent. I realize I can be creative. But in circumstances I should not be creative in. It is imperative that we are in control of Creativity.Without treading the moral high ground, I resolve to only unleash Creativity gainfully. If Creativity is blind, I’ll be its eyes.Having narrated some of my flings with Creativity, I would prefer if the relationship blossoms into a passionate romance. Dissatisfied with the occasional flash of brilliance, I would prefer Creativity to be at my beck and call.The second observation was conceived through my journey in creative wonderland. Unless there is a highly stressful event,...

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