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Creativity Within The Creative Industries Essay

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This essay will discuss about the creativity within the creative industries and creative economy . Creativity is the new word and the new value in economy. A class of creative people is replacing white and blue collars changing the way the world used to define the society in the last centuries. Creative industries can flourish in dense populated areas where are possible multiple and continued connections between creative people. Although governments are trying to introduce the teaching of creativity in the educational system to foster the growth of the creative economy, creativity is sometimes suppressed due to the high risk of the investments that creative industries requires.
According to Teresa Amabile, the main definition of creativity is “the production of novel and useful ideas in any domain”. Indeed a creative idea must be different from other existing ideas in order to be considered creative. Other theorists believe that a creative idea must be also exclusive. Furthermore this idea must have a suitable content and achieve a goal. Heunks states that creativity is the “divergent thinking to conceive new ideas”. However John Howkins, in his book Creative Economy: How People Make Money from Ideas, gives a different definition and asserts that creativity consists in taking an idea from someone or somewhere and, by giving it a personal imprint, using this idea to create a new one.
Furthermore Howkins argues that creativity is crucial for the new economy. Neither the concept of creativity nor economy are new but the relationship between them is. This relationship, and the way it bounds these two main concepts, is the key to create a special value and wealth. Howkins uses the term creative economy to identify this phenomenon. So creative economy consists in turning ideas into products, within the so-called creative industries. Indeed, as the “working society” moved to the “information society”, now the “creative society” has replaced the old way to make values. In this scene a new economic class will dominate the market. Richard Florida refers to this class as the creative class and indicates artists, professors, scientists, musicians and creative people as the fuel for the growth and the change of the economy.
More deeply, the whole idea of creative industries describes the convergence of the creative arts (represented by the individual talent) with the cultural industries (represented by mass scale), linking them in the new context of the media technologies. Moreover in the creative industries the individual creative worker is simultaneously involved with large creative enterprises. Often these corporates are also a mix of public and private partnership. Indeed government agencies and universities are involved in the growth of some of the biggest creative clusters, such as the Silicon Valley and the creative...

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