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Creature Or Doormat Is He Essay

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Creature or Doormat is He
Gregor Samsa is a faithful son and brother, who only wishes to help his family. He works for a company that his father had managed to fall in debt with. So Gregor works hard trying to keep his family in a somewhat lavish life all while paying off his fathers debt with his boss/company. Until one day Gregor wakes up only to discover that he is no longer the man he was nor would see his life in the same way. Gregor begins to see his family in a new light, how greedy and selfish they are, along with how he was walked all over by both his family and boss, then Gregor discovers that now that he has become a burden and not a provider his family is no longer loving towards ...view middle of the document...

After his boss leave his family home Gregor returns insides only to be scared by his father and forced into his room that has now been turned into to his own hellish cage. Gregor would be sentenced to his bedroom and not allowed outside till the end of his days. Till that time would come Gregor’s family would put up with this new life, or so they thought. His sister would be the one to feed Gregor, and after they fired the staff it would be her and her mother's’ job to clean Gregor’s room/ cage. Since Gregor was no longer working and paying for his family's bills, debt, and luxuries his family had to release their staff. Not only did they have to cut back on their lifestyle they now had to do things for themselves. Such as cleaning, cooking, and find other ways to handle the debt that Gregor’s parents had managed to ring up. Gregor’s dream to send his sister off so that she could be able to perform, was no longer a possibility, nor was his parents possibility to be free of debt. It was at this point the reader is able to see that Gregor was just being used by his family yet, he never stopped loving them or trying to take care of them.
Toward the end of the story it becomes obvious that Gregor’s family in no longer just afraid but angry as well. They become resentful toward the insect that they believe was once their loyal hard working son/brother. His sister begins cleaning his room less and less leaving him to live in filth. It was almost as if she thought Gregor was as worthless as human garbage. Not only did she clean less so no longer made Gregor the food he...

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