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I was asked to chose a group of people I am involved in, then to describe and dissect the group. I chose the co-workers from my 2-10 shift at Crescent Care Center, in Crescent, Oklahoma. Working in a small town nursing home is difficult,we don’t have many people on our shift. Though the ones that are are extremely close to one another. All together we have about five Certified Nurse Assistants, who include: Victoria, Aundrea, Tiffany, Amber, and me. One Certified Medical Assistant named Karren, and one Licensed Practical Nurse, Lenora, who the aids like to call Mama Lenora, since she takes such good care of us. After working together for a long period of time, we have gotten close and know one another’s personal lives very well.
As CNAs we do a lot of one on one work with the residents who live there. We clean the residents room, bathe, groom, and dress residents. We turn the residents who can’t turn themselves, so they don’t develop bed sores. We take care of, learn from, and grow a relationship with the residents there, and at times prepare soulless bodies for the morgue. Many residents show us their appreciation, though we have a few who hit, spit, and cuss at us. Aundrea has been called a “disgrace to this country” before, and Karren a “murder”. Tiffany was simply standing in a residents room helping me change him, and he turned purposely tried to pee on her, and screamed “Get out of my room!” It can sound a little horrifying to those who aren’t used to those situations, but with a job like ours all we can do is laugh about it later. But there is so much more to that nursing home then our shift caring for the residents. We share personal stories with one another while in some of the residents rooms. I talk constantly to my co-workers, which a lot can be said for an eight hour shift that I work five days a week. On top of that, we spend a lot of time together outside of work, I can easily call the women I work with my friends. We have to work on holidays, therefore we do see each other on holidays, and share gifts occasionally. Lenora has all our birthdays on her calendar, and looks at her calendar religiously. Outside of work I have spent Birthdays, and a few holidays with Aundrea, Tiffany, and Victoria. One of the reasons we are so close is because when something bad happens to one of us, we all sit in the pain, and sorrow with them. We are there for one another for the good times, and the bad.
I went to school with Aundrea, We never talked much which is odd for a small school, especially since we had classes together, and she was only one grade ahead of me. Even though I didn’t talk to her much I knew she was a success driven girl, she wanted to go as far as possible in life, and she took care of herself. She unexpectedly ended up pregnant her Senior year
of High School, yet still made straight As that year, and graduated with a 3.8 GPA. Before I had even gotten the chance to really get to know her I knew she was a strong woman, and...

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