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Crickets Essay

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Insects have been a nuisance to man since the beginning of time, up until the present. One of the plagues that struck Egypt was swarms of crickets, and locusts, which destroyed crops, and ate entire fields. Swarms of Crickets can cover up to 210 km. There have been cases of up to 100,000,000,000 insects in a swarm (one hundred billion). In these huge masses, they can completely destroy the land and everything on a farm. I chose to do this experiment because when I am at camp I am constantly woken up by the loud chirping of these annoying insects. There are three types of crickets: Mole Crickets, Field Crickets, and House Crickets. The Mole Cricket's body is designed for digging subterranean tunnels. This Cricket's body is well adapted to digging. The Mole Cricket usually lives in hot dry areas, and are extremely harmful to plants such as barley, and flax The Field Cricket has had a history in ancient China. This cricket's beautiful song was held in particularly high esteem.These crickets were often kept in exquisitely ornamented cages made of sandalwood, ivory or jade. The Most common cricket is the house cricket. The house cricket's body is more slender than that of the field cricket. It is also generally lighter in color. This crickets appears in abundance in central Europe, such as cellars, houses, bakeries, and so on. Procedure Problem: How do I make a cricket deterrent that is environmentally friendly? Hypothesis: If I use a deterrent that has a strong odor, then it will deter the crickets from that area. 2 I started my experiment by first buying 60 crickets. The crickets were stored in bags until they were ready to be used. I purchased a clear plastic box with holes in the top for breathing. I made a divider out of cardboard and secured it in the center of the box, making four equal sections.One section was the control, and in the others I put a deterrent. Two tests were made that were thrown out because they were irrelevant. In the first case, the crickets were not deterred at all by any of the substances. The test was done outside, and the crickets seemed to simply move their position depending on the location of the sun. The crickets seemed only deterred by the sun. They all moved to wherever the shadow of the sun seemed the darkest. I concluded that crickets are deterred, to some extent, by sunlight. The other test seemed erroneous because all of the crickets died very quickly. In this test, the crickets all died within 15 minutes, in whichever substance they went in first. There was too much of liquid in each section. These observations helped me in making an accurate experiment. The rest of my experiments were done inside my house, where there is not direct sunlight. In my first test I used onion powder, garlic powder, lime juice and water as the control. I thought that the onion powder would work well because it has a strong odor, that would deter the crickets, and the powder would work better than a whole onion. I figured that...

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