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In the documentary Crime After Crime, Deborah Peagler suffered abuse from her intimate partner through her life. The abuse started in High School. When her mother introduced her to Oliver Wilson, his charming personality fooled everyone. Oliver forced her into prostitution to make money for him. When she refused, he beat her until she promised to sell herself. The beating gradationally evolved to bull whipping. In addition, all of this occurred during her junior and senior year in high school. Oliver felt it was his right to have ultimate control over Deborah, this fact is generally accepted in the society (Belknap 247). The male dominance, male authority over women is something taught to young children. It is sought to be the place of women to wait for the husband by the door when he comes home. The male masculinity fact kicked in and it drove him to force his dominance over Deborah into physical abuse. When Deborah refused to do his bidding, he felt it was necessary for him to show her who is in control by beating her. This is the message sent to young boys of past generations and a bit less for the current one through media and entertainment.
Oliver kept Deborah in check through violence and the use of physical threats. They entered the honeymoon period after Oliver impregnated her. Deborah felt safe and believed the abuse would be over. However, the honeymoon period did not last long, and the abuse worsened (Herrera, 2013). This is a cycle of violence domestic dispute. Often the victim of the abuse would forgive the abuser during the honeymoon period, only have a short period of peace. Tension would build up in the relationship and a violent release of anger by the abuser. This cycle can go on for years. The victims are often trapped, unable to escape the nightmare. Oliver was able to use physical violence to control Deborah, later he had their child as a hostage. The victims are blamed by the society for not leaving the abuser and allow the abuse to continue (Belknap 249). However, the fact that she was heavily abused was not allowed to come out in court. To the jurors, she was tried for hiring an assassin to kill Oliver for insurance purposes.
The myth of battered women syndrome claimed that these women have the ability to leave whenever they wish, and could have avoided the situation. Therefore, it is the women’s fault for killing their intimate other. The abuse prior has nothing to do with it (Herrera 2013). The prosecutors also hid the fact they used a paid informant and he was a drug customer of Oliver. There were so much resistance from DA and parole board because they are trying to hide the misconducts of the investigation. The prosecutors at the time coerced the main witness to testify and lie against Deborah. Lael Rubin in the appeal court revealed this case; she was angered by Deborah’s new attorneys for going over her head. She was the...

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