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Crime Essay

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The Second Pillar: PrayerFrom its conditions is purity, which is to be performed:You must acquaint yourself with purification, which is of three kind.First, Wudhu (Ablution):It isa compulsory ode of purification that is performed after the lesserhadath(matters that cause one to exit from a state of purity) occurs. Examples of the lesserhadathoccurring are when one urinates, defecates, passes wind, falls into a deep sleep, oreats the meat of a camel.How to Perform Wudhu.
Make intention in your heart, and not with your tongue, to perform wudhu, not for his prayer, and not any of his other acts of worship. And because Allah Almighty knows what is in our hearts, He doesn't needto be informed of it verbally.

Begin with Allah's Name, saying, "Bismillah (In the Name of Allah)."

Next, Wash your hands three times.

Put water in your mouth, shake it, and then expel it. After you put a handful of water in your mouth, moving that hand upwards, inhale through your nose the water that remains in your hand (exaggerate when you inhale, unless you are fasting), and then blow the water out through your nose, slightly squeezing the two sides of your nose, making sure all of the water comes out.Repeat this process three times.

Wash your face three - in terms of width, from one ear to the other; and in terms of length, from where the hair on your head begins to grow to the bottom of your beard.

Then wash your hands and forearms three times - fromthe tips of your fingers until- and including - your elbows. Begin with the right arm, and then move on to the left one.

Wipe your head once with your wet hands; pass them over your head moving the front of your head until the back, and then returning. Then wipe your ears (without wetting your hands again).

Wash your feet, Including your ankles, three time

Second,Al-Ghusl (Bath):It is performed after he greater kind of hadath takes place. Examples of the greater hadath are menstruation and sexual intercourse.Al-Ghuslis performed ad follows:
Make intention with your heart, and not with your tongue, to performGhusl.

Begin with Allah's Name, saying, "Bismillah (In the Name of Allah)."

Perform the Wudhu in its entirety.

Generously pour water over your headthree times.

Finally, wash the rest of your body.

Third, At-Tayammum (Dry Ablution):It is an obligatory form of purification that is performed using clean earth, and it is a substitute forWudhuorGhusl- and it is performed by someone who cannot find water or who can find water, but will somehow be harmed by using it.How to Perform At-TayammumMake intention to perform Tayammum as a replacement for either thewudhuorGhusl(whichever of the two was obligatory upon you). Next, strike the earth - orwhatevet is connected to the earth, such as walls - and then wipe your face and hands.How Does A Sick Person Purity Himself?
Like others, the sick person must purity himself with water, performingwudhufrom the lesserHadath,and performingGhuslfromthe greaterHadath.


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