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Crime Analysis

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According to Rachel Boba, “Crime analysis is a law enforcement function that involves systematic analysis for identifying and analyzing patterns and trends in crime and disorder” ( analysis).The information on these patterns can assist law enforcement agencies in the deployment of resources in a more effective manner; it can also help detectives to identify and catch suspects. Crime analysis also plays a role in improvising solutions to crime problems, and developing crime prevention strategies. There are various types of technology that is used in crime analysis. Crime analysis relies heavily on computer technology, and over the past fifteen years there has been a significant improvement in computer hardware and software that has led to tremendous developments in this field. One form of hardware that is used by Crime analysts to complete most of their work is Desktop personal computers, laptop computers are also used by crime analysts for fieldwork and presentations. Other forms of hardware that are used include color laser printers that can produce high-quality documents quickly, plotters which are printers that can produce large poster size color maps, scanners, and digital cameras, these specific types of hardware is mostly used by police departments when analyzing crime.
There are three main kind of data collection and storage systems, computer-aided dispatch (CAD) systems, and records management systems (RMSs) which are located within police departments, and geographic data systems which are maintained by city, county, or state governments. Police departments use CAD technology to dispatch officers, keep track of officers’ locations and activities, and track officer-initiated activity. A data entry and storage system designed especially for police records is called RMS , and contains all relevant data within the police agency. RMS can also include separate databases such as crime reports, arrest reports, persons information, property and evidence information, vehicle information, accident reports, field information, calls for service (e.g. snapshot data), and investigations. The contents of RMSs vary, however their purpose to store crime incidents data and link them with related data, remains unchanging across different software products and police departments. In addition to collecting and storing information, RMS is used to check the quality of data, retrieve incidents, and provide information. A geographic data system creates, maintains, and stores geographic data. Typically, city or county agencies use geographic data systems to create and maintain
data concerning parcels, building, streets, roads, and highways, and to store aerial photographs and other geographic information to be used by various departments and agencies...

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