Crime And Punishment Chapter Summaries For Part 5 Grade 11 Assignment

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Part 5 chapter Summaries
Chapter 1
This chapter is mostly about Luzhin’s day after the interview and how he manipulates Lebeziatnikov so that he to call Sonia and talk to her about her situation. The whole morning Luzhin is in a very unpleasant mood as many things hindered his actions. Aside from the unpleasant interview, his case in the senate had another hitch and the flat he was renovating, in view of his marriage, at his own expense could not be stopped. He attempts to reconsider the things he did and how he could have made a more impactful presence in Dounia’s life by offering her money and tries to comfort himself with the idea that he will find a better bride. All this was happening in the presence of Andrey Semyonovitch, with whom Luzhin is lodging. Lebeziatnikov and Luzhin don not get together due to a difference of ideals and stature. Lebeziatnikov is a part of a powerful socialist party, which impressed Luzhin but at the same time, he was afraid that this group might target his business He simply resided with Lebeziatnikov to learn more about this group and to see if he could benefit through them. Lebeziatnikov walked in on Luzhin counting his money and put most of it away aside for some bills. Luzhin later talked about the funeral held for Marmeladov and how he is not interested in going and Lebeziatnikov shares the same interest. Luzhin later teases Lebeziatnikov about how he fought Katerina Ivanovna a month ago, which then leads them into talking about Sonia’s position in society. This is all happening while Lebeziatnikov is talking about his new “commune” and that in the future Sonia does not have to be ashamed about her position. Luzhin further teases Lebeziatnikov about Sonia and his experiences with her and finally comes to the point that he would like to talk to her in his presence. Lebeziatnikov later brings the quite confused Sonia with him into his room. Luzhin talks to Sonia about how he cannot attend the dinner and later talks about Katerina and he would like to find them some financial support. Sonia’s eyes kept wandering from the money on the table to the jewelry on Luzhin’s hand and finally kept looking him in the eye. Both talk about how government pension is not an option as Marmeladov has not been in office too long and later talk about Katerina’s foolishness about spending too much on the funeral despite their situation. Luzhin ends by saying that they should meet again at 7pm to talk about possible solutions for Katerina and walks Sonia out. At this moment, Luzhin hands Sonia 10 roubles and escorts her out the door. All this happened in front Lebeziatnikov and he was surprised with Luzhin’s actions and was amazed with his charity.
Chapter 2
This chapter is mostly about the dinner that Katerina is hosting for Marmeladov and how people only come for the food and drinks and how Katerina’s pride causes conflict between her and Amalia Ivanovna,...

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