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Crime Causation And Diversion Essay

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Elfega DuarteCrime Causation and Diversion PaperCJA/374September 22, 2014Janet EvansJuvenile intervention and prevention programs are established with the purpose of reducing and ultimately eliminating juvenile delinquency. In this generation juvenile delinquency has escalated to an all- time high. California is one of the states with the highest rate of juvenile delinquency. Throughout the state there are numerous juvenile intervention and prevention programs. California's "Safe Community Partnership Program" and "Turning Point Youth Services" are two intervention and prevention programs in the state of California that aid in the battle against juvenile delinquency. This paper will compare the two programs and elaborate on how the programs work to reduce juvenile crime. It will also provide insight on the programs' major goals, objectives, and core beliefs as well as who are the key participants in these programs. It will also illustrate the different kind of services these programs offer to youths. Lastly this paper will identify which program of the two is more effective at reducing juvenile crime and an explanation for this result.In California two of the major causes for juvenile delinquent behavior include drugs and gangs. Drugs and gangs work hand in hand to induce criminal behavior. Over the past decade gangs have increased drastically and the age of youth recruitment into gangs keeps diminishing. The Safe Community Partnership Program emphasizes in gang prevention and anti-gang violence. It uses professional as well as community based resources to achieve its purpose. "In Salinas, gang-related shootings have been cut in half and homicides have dripped by 80 percent. From January to June of 2010, there were only 41 shootings compared to 80 in the first six months of 2009". These decreasing rates are because of the efficiency of the Safe Community Partnership Program. One of the main focuses of the Turning Point Youth Services Program is substance abuse; however, it also highlights many other issues. The success stories of individuals who have successfully completed the program are countless. They describe the efficiency of the program and the accomplishments they have achieved after completing the program. With statistics and patient statements the efficiency of these programs is well proven.In general intervention and prevention programs are created with the purpose of helping at risk youths overcome their personal difficulties and gain the knowledge and will power to succeed. However, every program has its own distinctive goals and objectives. The California Safe Community Partnership Program focuses on many issues within communities. These issues include violence, drug abuse, but it emphasizes in gangs. The Safe Community Partnership Programs' main goal is "achieving significant, timely reductions in street violence while reducing the reliance of cities of enforcement strategies that increase recidivism and incarceration". It aims to...

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