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Crime Control Essay

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In this essay an examination will be explored of some of the strengths and limitations of rational-choice based perspectives of crime control, also there will an explanation of how developmental theories have recently informed our understanding of criminal behavior as a developmental process. Rational choice theories have as a starting point the idea that offenders seek to get some benefit to themselves by their criminal behavior, that they seek to gain that benefit by conscious decisions that they make, and that these decision, no matter how basic, reveal a measure of rationality. (Cornish and Clarke, 1986) There were several factors that were determined to have an influence on the choice a person might make to commit a burglary, for example, they would include background factors, like psychological, previous learning experiences, generalized needs, perceived solutions and reaction to chance events. The rational choice theory acknowledges situational variables and recognizes their importance to specific criminal events. (Cornish and Clarke, 1986) One of the main limitations of this theory is that at its very core is the idea of a reasoning offender, therefore it does not adequately take into account the empirical evidence that many criminals commit their crimes impulsively, and without “counting the cost” of their criminal activity. Also, this theory does not adequately take into account the pathology that engulfs many criminals, and the strong influence that they have on decisions that they make.
Rational choice theories not only seek to explain the decisions that some people make, but also to help us to better understand decisions that others don’t make. We therefore have an examination of deterrence theories. Traditionally, there have been two ideas as to how deterrence controls crime, First, General deterrence, refers to the effects that legal sanctions have on the public at large, and refers to the deterrent effect of indirect experiences with punishment (Stafford and Warr, 1993). Second, Specific deterrence: referees to the effects sanctions have on a specific individual. Stafford and Warr, 1993 acknowledge that what sanctions have in common is they acknowledge the importance of an experience with legal sanctions in deterring persons from committing crimes, or a rational choice that they make. Although they re-conceptualize this idea, and expound on this notion with the idea of “punishment avoidance,” they acknowledge that this idea is difficult to observe; which would be one of the limitations of this perspective, although they devised some interesting mechanisms to quantify its affect on crime reduction. They treat and measure punishment avoidance as analytically different from actually experiencing suffering from punishment. Their re-conceptualizing would make it unnecessary to formulate separate general and specific deterrence theories, but there would only be a need for a single theory that would emphasize indirect experiences...

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