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For a long time, the law enforcement agents and the judicial systems have been using the crime control and the due process models in an effort to establish and maintain justice in the society. In as much as these two models operate hand in hand, they both have similarities as well as several differences in how they operate in the judicial system. They are very effective in the judicial system because they both work towards providing justice, creating a great impact in the judicial system in the society (Edkins & Kansas, 2007). However, they have variations on their operation approaches in bringing justice to the people in the society. The reasons why at some point these two models seem to be ...view middle of the document...

These two approaches work towards ensuring that the rights of the individuals are maintained and restored without disrupting or affecting the rest of the society not involved in the case. However, this does not mean they do not have differences in their style of operation. Nevertheless, they have full detailed critical organized standards of the main subjects of the constitution that dictate their appropriate approach to apply in the criminal law in the society (Levrant, 2009). Most of these key topics cause the two models denote similar characteristics in their operation with regard to criminal law. In criminal justice, the machinery that comprises of the prosecutions, the police, the corrections and the courts maintain law and order. The two approaches incorporate this machinery in the process of arriving into society justice channeling their applications of the criminal law in respect to a person’s liking (Levrant, 2009).
Similarities in the Commonalty Approach
One factor that leads to ease in applying the two models is the resemblance they both have in their approach. Their difference in the principle is not a huge problem because they both have similar operational ideas aimed to ensure maintenance of law and order in the society (Levrant, 2009). For instance, these two models apply the same approach concerning criminal behavior. They use the same tactics in identifying criminal actions and apply similar sanctions, causing the procedures to exhibit the situation similar in both the models (Zalman, 2008). In addition, the approaches towards investigation during a case are similar because in the two models, authority of arrest is used in restricting the judicial system and trying to get information that will effectively fit in the judgment process. Here the judiciary system waits for the apt measures to be established in order to award authority on arrest inquiry. This gives the defendant privileges to the adversarial organization to give out the information of their support during the court days. These two models support a common approach forming the foundation for these purposes that ease criminal justice procedures (Zalman, 2008).
Similarities in Maintaining Law and Order
The judicial system uses these two models in conjunction with the aid from the criminal process to contain the behaviors of persons in the society to preserve law and order (Richard, 2011). Under criminal justice, it is believed that if some individual are not monitored and contained in the society, they would engage in criminal activities, which in turn would disrupt the harmony of the people in the society. Thus, the crime control model and the due process models help in the criminal process to maintain law and order in the society as per the...

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