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New Orleans has always been a hotspot for crimes, historically having one of the highest murder rates in the country. New Orleans prolific crimes can be traced back to the 19th century, when New Orleans was expanding its ports and commerce; groups fought for power to control the revenue streams. Ultimately, organized crime groups and mafia families fought for control - of ports, types of commerce and groups of workers they could control. These fights led to assassinations, murder, and other crimes that continue to this day. The police lost control - they would not step in to interfere with the illegal activities because either they were paid off by the criminals or feared they would be ...view middle of the document...

None of the lynch mob were charged with murder, because it would be too hard to figure out which members of the mob actually killed them.
This series of attacks is probably one of the best examples of how the criminal punishment system in New Orleans was affected by the expansion of the commerce and ports. The police would turn a blind eye to the wars fought by the mafias, either because they were getting paid by the mafias or they were smart enough to know that they would be killed if the interfered with the mafias. When the police chief started to investigate, he was almost immediately taken out by the Matrangas. The police acted upon this, arresting thirteen of the Matrangas, including one that was fourteen years old. Most of them were probably going to be released, which the citizens were not happy about, because most of the arrested ones where leaders of one of the biggest organized crime group in America,so a lynch mob formed, killing eleven of the mafia leaders. The citizens were not happy with what the justice system was doing to them, so they took it into their own hands and did what...

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