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The following report takes into consideration two recent cybercrimes for the purpose of analyzing what cybercrime is and who is responsible for it. The opinions of Joseph Migga Kizza and Lawrence Lessig will be evaluated as they relate to the two cybercrimes. As part of the analysis, the underlying assumptions and the practical implications of the two authors will be considered.
Two Recent Cybercrimes
With the popularity of the social media site Twitter, single letter handles are rare. Naoki Hiroshima was the owner of one of those rare handles, @N. He had been offered as much as fifty thousand dollars for the account, which he always declined. On January 20th of 2014, a hacker was able to ...view middle of the document...

8). The technical aspect is the technology that is used to commit or prevent the crime. Under Kizza’s theory of cybercrime, Anonymous and the GoDaddy/PayPal hacker are both to blame for their crimes because they have a lack of moral/ethical foundation which would prevent them from committing their respective crimes. Lawrence Lessig (2006) takes a more technology-based approach to cybercrime, which he terms “Code” (p.5-6). Code is the hardware and software that composes cyberspace, therefore cyberspace administrators and developers are responsible for what is permitted and restricted over the Internet. With the Code theory, administrators and developers share some responsibility for the crimes in both mentioned cases because their lack of diligence led to the vulnerability which facilitated each crime.
For both of the mentioned crimes, the Code theory of cybercrime best fits the situation. In the case of Anonymous breaching ManTech’s servers, political targets will always have hacking attempts made against them – this will only increase as the Internet continues to grow. As such, administrators and security personnel must stay one step ahead of those that seeks to cause the organization harm. To rely on moral/ethical behavior for network security would have disastrous consequences. Likewise in the case of the GoDaddy/PayPal hacker, moral/ethical behavior can be attributed to the success of the crime. It is the innate desire of most human beings to be helpful which makes social engineering attacks as dangerous as they are. On the other hand, having strict policies in place that state specific conditions for the release of information, would likely have prevented PayPal and GoDaddy representatives from releasing sensitive customer information. Security policies are in alignment with the Code theory of cybercrime.
One problem with basing cybercrime and cybersecurity on a foundation of morals and ethics is that morals and ethics are widely subjective. The theory is based on the idea of an objective morality. General consensus on moral issues might be achievable on a local scale, but the Internet is global. Ideas about morals and...

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