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Crime Is The Result Of Individuals Making Choices To Commit Crime; It Is Not The Result Of Their Social Circumstances. Discuss This Statement.

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Crime is the result of individuals making choices to commit crime; it is not the result of their social circumstances. Discuss this statement.Most research shows that it is environmental influences that cause individuals to commit crime rather than an individual making the choice to commit crime. The main contributors that influence individuals to commit crime include social class, incorporating such issues as the area an individual lives in, education and unemployment; and peer influence. I will discuss these in more detail below. Some children are born into rich or middle class families, some are born into families that are poor or in the lower social class bracket; these children are more likely than the other group to commit crimes later in life. They are more likely to experience lower levels of education, parents may be unemployed giving them little to look up to and being in the lower bracket will more than likely live in a poor housing community, all these contribute to the need to commit crime or the lacking of social morals and values not to commit crime. (White and Cunnen, 2006)To grow up in a loving and nurturing household is a most important start for a young person and following that, an education is significant to having a successful career in later life. Education is available and compulsory for all Australian children until their late teens (varying in different states), however if a child for many reason does not make it to school due to parents not taking them or chooses not to attend they have possibly already began a journey of not being able to support themselves later in life (in a legal manner), particularly being already in a lower socio-class where they will need to compete for paid work.When there is a concentration of lower social class people on one area, there are large numbers of unemployed young people in particular location, this increases the difficulty for them to find paid work, hence sometimes they will turn to crime as a need to make ends meet. Class distinction or status is an important determinate for self classification. (Bulbeck 1998 pg 318) Having a belief that you belong to a certain class may change your self esteem level and also lead you into a different path in life. For example if you are in well off family you are more likely to have the opportunity to attend university and therefore obtain a better job; whereas, someone on the opposite side may come from family who's parents are both factory workers with little work ethic, and be given no encouragement to study, hence they will not have the background to get a high paying job.There is strong support from data on individuals that crime is linked closely to unemployment. "Studies find that persons prone to unemployment are more likely to commit crimes and that people who commit crimes are more likely to do so during spells of unemployment" (Patalinghug 2008)."Change in unemployment is positively related to crime because...

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