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Crime continues to be a major problem in many parts of the world. There are endless types of crime and it can occur anywhere at any time. Since crime is becoming so common, criminals are beginning to think that committing crimes aren’t a big deal anymore. Citizens are relying more and more on police enforcement instead of the major issue. They need to be preparing themselves incase they’re ever cross paths with a criminal.
When encountering any type of crime, it’s important for victims to know the proper way to react. The natural response for anyone who encounters crime is to automatically freak out. If it ever comes down to it, how a victim reacts could have a major effect on their life and possibly the lives of other people. “It was concluded that several factors would affect precautionary and protective measures citizens take against crime” (Skogan 1). Furthermore, how an individual reacts when encountering crime could ultimately conclude the luck of the victim. “Different types of crime occur in different places depending on the living conditions” (Bursik 1). Factors such as home location could affect the victim’s changes of encountering crime. It’s important for citizens to be familiar with their community so they’re prepared in case something bad ever happens. All citizens should take the necessary precautions to protect themselves as well as others in case they ever encounter some form of crime.
No matter where you go there is going to be some sort of danger wither you think you’re safe or not. Since citizens can’t completely avoid crime, they commonly rely on media to inform them on what’s happening around them. A common question asked was “Does coverage of sensationalistic and violent crime create fear among the general public?” (Dowler 3). Whether what the media says is true or not, people really have no choice but to believe it. “Researchers argue that public fear and anxiety is inextricably connected with public pressure for solutions to crime problems” (Dowler 5). It’s not hard to trick people into believing false statements. If someone of high authority is to tell the community something, a majority of those people are going to believe them whether they have facts to prove it or not. Since citizens rely on what’s being televised in the media, it can either create fear that never existed or possibly even worsen fear depending on what the media is
“Police attitudes towards crime are generally positive because they they’re taught not to worry the citizens. The media has a habit of portraying police to be heroic, professional crime fighters” (Skogan 9). It’s the law enforcements job to put all crime to justice and just like everyone else, police are just doing what they’re told and trained to do. “On the other hand, news accounts tend to exaggerate the proportion of offenses that result in arrest which projects an image that police are more effective than official statistics demonstrate” (Skogan 9). Again, the media is only being...

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