Crime Rates In Saskatoon Out Of Hand

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The city with the highest violent crime rate per major cities in Canada is Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and as a result of this statistic a catholic group will be coming summer of 2008 to solve this problem. 48% of the crimes in Canada that are reported have to deal with property related crimes, such as: break and enters, damaged property, spray paintings, etc. The majorities of these crimes are gang-related, and are getting worse. The reported cause of the other 52% of crimes has been attributed to drug related turf disputes.Gang members are known to say that they joined the gang so they could feel like they have family, yet they have abandoned their real families for different reasons. Members say they feel like they belong in a gang, because the people in it care for them, and are there to help them. Members of a local Saskatoon gang called the "Crypts" have been said to have beaten up one of the superior members because someone’s girlfriend was talking to him earlier in the week. Crimes like this have escalated over the past decade or so, as a result of teenagers developing authority problems.Some people say that the solutions to this would be to have more extra curricular activities for kids to do, so that they can keep kids off the street. Others oppose this idea because kids also have a right to free will, and cannot be forced to go to something that they do not want to do. Some teenage gang-members that I have to talked to say that they would rather be out hanging out and causing trouble with their friends, rather than doing some sort of activity.That’s when I did some research and found...

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